Take a look at this chart from a Discover Magazine blogpost that shows people who drink more have more extensive vocabularies. The chart is based on WORDSUM scores (a vocabulary test included in the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) compared to percentile groupings of people in the survey who identified themselves as drinkers.  There are many Read More →

Ever since Democrats passed the stimulus bill in early 2009, Republicans in congress have attempted to portray themselves as born-again deficit hawks, eschewing their profligate ways during the George W Bush years.  Fortunately, this fiction has not survived the question of what to do about the Bush tax cuts for the rich which are due Read More →

What should an American do to celebrate La Fête Nationale? Drink! I’m always looking of an excuse to open a bottle of French bubbly, and a day celebrating the French people’s freedom from monarchy seems like as good a reason as any. So right now I am watching le Tour de France, listening to Symphonie Fantastique Read More →