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Is @realdonaldtrump Twitter account subject to Presidential Records Act?

Is @realdonaldtrump Twitter account subject to Presidential Records Act?

Axios reports that President Donald Trump’s lawyer, John Dowd, has taken credit for the @realdonaldtrump account’s tweet claiming Mike Flynn was fired for lying to the FBI.

Trump Lies Matter PosterI still want to know how it’s even legal for Trump’s Twitter account to present questions about the source of a tweet. Is his account to be considered official communications from the White House? Or is it an outlet where authorship is determined only by political convenience depending on the content?

I remember reading 9 months ago that the @realdonaldtrump account is subject to the Presidential Records Act. How do we keep, file, and index these records if attribution is uncertain?

Trump’s lies matter in a very real way.

An amazing week for losers: Charging Bulls pick fights with Fearless Girls

An amazing week for losers: Charging Bulls pick fights with Fearless Girls

Fearless Girl, Charging Bull

This story topped a week filled with Sean Spicer begging forgiveness after claiming even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons against his own people and calling Auschwitz a “holocaust center“, United Airlines losing a nasty brawl with a 69 year old man despite breaking his nose, knocking out his teeth, and giving him a concussion as they dragged him off the plane for the crime of choosing not to volunteer to catch the next flight, and Bashar Al Assad making a somewhat reasonable claim that gassing his own people isn’t in Syria’s best interests while stepping confidently, as mass murderers step, into the argument that the whole thing was staged and the gasping, dying, and dead children were possibly faking it.

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How to explain Thanksgiving to kids, adults, and the rest

How to explain Thanksgiving to kids, adults, and the rest

How to explain Thanksgiving to Kids:

When we’ve, collectively, been asked to explain Thanksgiving to kids and wanted to approach it with a modern and honest, progressive, inclusive answer, some of us have been at a loss for words. The brutality, deception, racism, and genocide are honestly too much to include in the story of an American tradition that is based on the struggles, challenges, and determination of the first and earliest European Americans. Thanksgiving is, really, some Americans’ favorite holiday.

So Let’s take a stab at a script for progressive parents faced with the challenge of explaining Thanksgiving to kids without inducing nightmares.

A long time ago, when the first Americans came from Europe, they had a really hard time surviving their first winter. The next year, they worked really hard and made friends with some of the Native Americans that lived near them. That fall, in 1621, they celebrated their hard work with a harvest festival. The settlers invited their Native American friends to join in the feast. The first Thanksgiving lasted for 3 days and everybody had plenty to eat, including turkey, cranberries and pumpkins. Every year, we celebrate Thanksgiving as a time to be thankful of all the things that we have in our lives…

More information about how to explain Thanksgiving to kids can be found here.


For the Adults:

The settlers at Plymouth, Massachusetts had a very tough first winter, with nearly half of the settlers dying. The next year, the remaining settlers worked very diligently to establish food stores to get them through the next winter.
Over time the tradition of thanksgiving feasts ebbed and flowed, but the slaughter of the Native Americans grew until 95% of all Native Americans were murdered, nearly 12 million innocent Native Americans.

The tradition of murder continues, the United States kills 300 million turkeys each year, 45 million are murdered to celebrate Thanksgiving alone.

Explain Thanksgiving to kidsIn the fall of 1621, these settlers held a harvest feast which lasted 3 days. As they had recently signed a peace treaty with a nearby Indian tribe, the Indians were invited and brought a lot of venison to the feast.  The next several years found the Indians more likely to be murdered by the settlers than to be invited to the fall harvest feast.

What you can do:

It is no wonder that the United States and Americans in general are considered to be more agressive and violent by much of the world. The United States is built upon the killing of innocent people and animals.

Fortunately you can make a difference. Say no to the killing and choose a vegetarian option. Think different, think Tofurky.