Greetings loyal readers. Harikari is back online. We can either blame the temporary shutdown on a new developer version of OS X that has some connectivity problems, or we can blame it on John Boehner. I am going with Boehner. Everything bad that happens now – I blame John Boehner. Thanks to webmaster Tony and Read More →

PHP in Xcode

I spent a lot of time looking around the web for instruction on how to execute PHP inside of a Mac OS X application created in Xcode (version 4.3) only to find a whole lot of nothing. I knew it could be done since there are several apps in the Mac App Store that allow you to interpret PHP on the fly, so I set out to do it without the help I believed I needed. It turns out to be one of the easiest things I’ve done in Objective-C. Read More →

Over the weekend a woman called into a radio talk show to complain that her “Linksys wireless connection” has disappeared. Via Mashable: Meet Jennifer, she had been unwittingly yoinking Wi-Fi for more than a year and a half when the gravy train ran out, after which she called into Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy radio show in Read More →

School districts across the country are supplying students with laptops for students to use both at school and home. Unfortunately, one school district has decided to use the laptops as a means of invading the privacy of the students and their families.  It is alleged that the Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania , used Read More →