Arrogant Romney vs. Sheepish Obama in the First Debate

Arrogant Romney vs. Sheepish Obama in the First Debate

Mitt Romney was focused, full of energy, and full of lies. Barack Obama was a bit preoccupied, a bit glum at times, but he basically told the truth.

Jime Lehrer was no match for Romney’s alpha-bulldog tactics used to control the debate. At the end of the first segment he made sure he got the last word in and let Jim know that it was very important for him to do so.

ROMNEY: Jim, the president began this segment, so I think I get the last word.


LEHRER: Well, you’re going to get the first word in the next segment.

ROMNEY: All right. Well, but he gets the first word of that segment. I get the last word (inaudible) I hope. Let me just make this comment.

And comment he did. Romney may like Big Bird, but if he actually watched the show, he didn’t learn two of Sesame Street’s important lessons for kids: Be polite, take your turn, and when your turn is up let the next person have his time.

Romney’s bulldog act went on through the entire ninety minutes. (Even the coin toss for last closing statement went in his favor!) Obama appeared to be unprepared for the forceful Romney who had been taking a beating in the press and the polls since his 47% comments to his wealthy donors. Obama had chances to bring up the 47%,but he didn’t, and Obama should have explained his 716 billion dollar savings in Medicare much better than he did. He did hammer Romney on his plan to cut tax revenues by $5 trillion, but Romney countered with “That’s not my plan” even though it is exactly his plan.

Obama got no help from Lehrer on Romney’s obvioius lie. Lehrer should have asked Romney why he says it’s not his plan when all the non-partisan tax-study organizations say it is.

So even though Obama’s arguments for his policies were based on facts and made more sense than Romney’s, Romney is said to have won the debate on what has to be mostly style points, because he certainly didn’t win it by telling the truth.

I don’t have much time to go into all of Romney’s false statements and the stark differences in policy between the two candidates in this post, but I will later this week.

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