Friday Night Videos – Radio Birdman Edition

Friday Night Videos – Radio Birdman Edition

I am an old man and I’ve been listening to rock ‘n roll bands since I was twelve. How is it that only about a month or so ago I heard of Radio Birdman – a great punk band from Australia that put out so many great songs? I have no idea. Neither do my pals Zippy and Gorby, or my rocker friends Rob and Shane. And we thought we knew our shit! sigh…

I found out about the band via Tulip Frenzy, and I am very grateful (So are Zippy and Gorby).

So this edition of Friday Night Videos is devoted to a band that you, if you were clueless like me, have never heard of. Note: they put out there music from ’74 – ’78, so there are no official videos.

Let’s start with “Hand of Law”

…and then “Aloha Steve and Danno”,

…and here’s a real treat – a live performance from 1977 recorded at the Marryatville Hotel (which appears to have turned into something very different than what it was in 1977). Four songs: “What Gives”, “search and Destroy”, “Burn My Eye”, and “Descent into the Maelstrom” plus some band interviews between songs. Turn it UP!

What the hell, let’s throw in an encore. It could be the best… “New Race” live.

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