My bills represent far less than what I owe

My bills represent far less than what I owe

I pay $10 a month for Netflix.
I have paid $10 for Hulu and other services in the same category that seemed worth it.
I pay something like $300 a year for Amazon prime.
$50 a month into my car’s gas tank.
$25 a year for Apple Music.
$85 a month for internet.
$65+ for my cell phone.
$20 for parking near work.
$185 annually for car tabs.
I can go as high as $100 in a single month for iTunes purchases.

Those are my bills

I give Planned Parenthood $15 a month.
The ACLU gets $10 each month.
My favorite art/activ/ist gets $11 a month in support.
I pay the “suggested donation” when I attend my kids’ schools’ events.
Friends and family who need a little help here or there get what I can contribute.

This is what I owe

I don’t loan money to anyone I care about. When I can help, I will specifically say, “this isn’t a loan. When you are in a position of abundance, do the same for someone in your life and let me know. Or just pay me back when you can.”

Freedom to plan parenthood

Planned Parenthood gave me so much and worked for me in ways I can never quantify or repay. If you are successful and have good relationships with your family today, I can probably give you some specific details about why you owe Planned Parenthood a couple thankful nods. If you’re honest, you don’t need to hear it. If you’ve got personal challenges that make reproductive freedom a difficult topic for you, but you’d still like to understand the landscape and open yourself to how important and complex this can be, I can help.

Your new best friend

The ACLU might never directly benefit you, but they’re the only organization standing up for you right now in the arena of national politics. You don’t have to keep hoping (they won!) someone will figure out how to get Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, or Sean Spicer to speak more honestly about their goals and intentions.

The freedom to benefit from parents planning parenthood

Hulu, Netflix, Apple, Volvo, Exxon, AT&T, WADOL, Amazon, and Bell St. Parking don’t really compare when I think about which monthly bills I can be thankful for. Which of these monthly payments I make support an organization whose goal is to make my world a better place? And which of them can I look at and very specifically identify the ways?

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