If a professional athlete participates in an iconic moment in sports history and comes up on the winning side of the competition and there’s a great photo that documents the play, then the athlete can forever be defined by that moment.

For example: On January 10, 1982 Joe Montana took a snap at the Dallas six yard line, sprinted right and lofted a pass over the heads of three defensive players to a streaking Dwight Clark who leapt high above Everson Walls in the back of the end zone to catch the ball that sent the 49ers to Super Bowl XVI. It’s simply know as “The Catch“.

Fast forward 32 years to Century Link Field where on January 19, 2014 the Seattle Seahawks hosted the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game. Seattle led 23-17 with 3:37 to go in the game. Colin Kaepernick drove the 49ers from their own 22 down to the Seattle 18 in six plays and, with about thirty seconds to go, threw a pass to the back of the end zone where Michael Crabtree positioned himself to make the catch. Not this time. Richard Sherman spun and leapt high into the air to tip the ball with his left hand into the hands of his teammate Malcom Smith for the interception that ended the game and sent the Seahawks to Super Bowl XLVIII. It will be simply known as “The Tip“.

It was captured on film by Jonathan Ferrey (Getty Images).

Sherman NFC Championship Tip sm

That image and the post-game interview with Erin Andrews is now what defines Richard Sherman. Put the image together with the attitude, and you get this:

Sherman Nope Shirt 1

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