Oxford Stone Paper

Oxford Stone Paper

I like nerd off to the stationary section while my kids pick out a cheap toy at Walgreens on our weekly holiday, “Walgreens Wednesday”. Usually nothing. I picked up a pack of Zebra F-301’s on sale and scanned the notebook section because my work notepad was on its last pages. Picked up a few of the $12+ leather bound and quirky little novelties, wishing there was something perfect the way I like perfect, and randomly picked up this $5 notepad in among them. What I’d found was a perforated edge Oxford Stone Paper pad.

(This post is an adaptation of a comment I tried to leave on the blog in that link, but the comment registration process took some precarious turns that made me feel like I was going to lose everything I had already typed so I ended up using some browser inspector tricks to retrieve and copy my comment to HariKari.com for safekeeping while I jumped through SquareSapce’s hoops, just to finally give up and find the draft of this post in the next browser tab.)

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I typed up my comment, but then had to sign in with no option to dismiss this overlay.

It just felt so different in every way, and was inexpensive, so I threw it in my basket. Next day wrote on it for the first time. Super smooth. Ripped a page out. It didn’t really tear, it just separated from the spiral binding. That was weird, so I wanted to see what it felt like to tear it from the middle. Even weirder, it doesn’t really tear.

I tried it with different inks and pens. Flopped it about because 60 pages of it feels unlike any stack of paper ever. Haven’t tried burning it yet, but will let you know if I do!

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