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KEXP 40th Anniversary Top 40 of Past 40 Years

KEXP 40th Anniversary Top 40 of Past 40 Years

All week during KEXP’s pledge drive, they have been playing the top albums of the past 40 years as voted on by their supporters to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. The list is 650 albums long. Like me, you probably liked a lot of it, and didn’t like some of it.

You can read the whole list of 650 albums on the KEXP Top 40 of the Last 40 years here.

Here is their top 40:




RadioheadOK Computer




The ClashLondon Calling


U2The Joshua Tree


Arcade FireFuneral


David BowieThe Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust


RadioheadKid A


Pink FloydDark Side Of The Moon


WilcoYankee Hotel Foxtrot


Bob DylanBlood On The Tracks


Sex PistolsNever Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols


Beastie BoysPaul’s Boutique


The Rolling StonesExile On Mainstreet


Michael JacksonThriller


Joy DivisionUnknown Pleasures


Pearl JamTen


Prince and the RevolutionPurple Rain


The CureDisintegration


PixiesSurfer Rosa


Neutral Milk HotelIn the Aeroplane Over The Sea


RadioheadThe Bends


Talking HeadsStop Making Sense


Led ZeppelinHouses Of The Holy


Fleetwood MacRumors


R.E.M.Automatic For The People


Paul SimonGraceland


New OrderPower, Corruption and Lies


The SmithsThe Queen Is Dead


Smashing PumpkinsSiamese Dream


The Flaming LipsYoshimi vs. The Pink Robots


RadioheadIn Rainbows


Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti


Beastie BoysLicensed To Ill




Violent FemmesViolent Femmes


Neil YoungHarvest


Jeff BuckleyGrace


Sonic YouthDaydream Nation


Sufjan StevensIllinoise



And now you may be asking yourself why this list of the top 40 goes to number 41. Well let me tell you: In my opinion, Sufjan Stevens’ album is not worthy of being on this list and R.E.M.’s Murmur is.

Sufjan bores the hell out of me.

Placement matters. Fore example, when KEXP did their top 903 albums of all time back in 2008. Sufjan placed 15th of all time, and Patti Smith placed 104th. (Anyone that tells me that Illinoise is better than Horses I immediately dismiss as a fool). So as I am glad to see that enough people have come to their senses to drop Sufjan’s album 26 places since 2008 and move Patti Smith’s Horses up 52 spots from 104th to 52nd, I still cannot accept that Illinoise is in KEXP’s top-40 list. Again I must ask who the hell are my fellow KEXP supporters and why do they like such boring music? And I won’t go too far out on a limb to predict that, in the next multi-generational poll, the fools will all have forgotten Illinoise, and Horses will prevail.

Enough of that…

What’s most interesting about these lists besides who made it to the top ten (Congratulations to Nirvana for taking the Number One spot over Radiohead, who usually places Number One in these polls, and yes I have come to appreciate Radiohead more since the last multigenerational poll [more about that here, although I prefer The Bends over OK Computer, but nevermind]) are the albums missing from the list.

What’s missing?

Scott H. Biram – Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever

Capsula – In the Land of Silver Souls

The Duke Spirit – Cuts Across the Land

Jim White – Wrong Eyed Jesus

Nick Cave – every album except Let Love In that placed 591st.

Richard Hawley – True Love’s Gutter

Lydia Loveless – Indestructible Machine

Alejandro Escovedo – Gravity

Just to name a few…

I can’t blame KEXP for these omissions, because they play and promote all of the above artists who are missing, so all I’m left with is their listeners.

Wake up KEXP listeners! There are way better artists than many of the 650 listed, but you just aren’t paying attention. Maybe some of the ones I’ve pointed out are not in your wheelhouse. I get that, and I also get that expanding your horizons is why KEXP is so loved around the world.

So next time you hear Capsula, Jim White, The Duke Spirit, Scott H. (the “H” stands for “FUCK YOU”) Biram, Alejandro Escovedo, or Lydia Loveless – pay attention and expand your horizons. You might really like some of this stuff. You might even like it more than you think you like Sufjan Stevens!

Oh… I forgot I was done with that.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Friday Night Videos: The Holy Trinity of Johnny Dowd, Jim White and 16 Horsepower

Friday Night Videos: The Holy Trinity of Johnny Dowd, Jim White and 16 Horsepower

Let’s start off with some Johnny Dowd from the movie Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus…  it’s a short video so click on a some of the recommended videos when this one is done playing.

Followed by Jim White singing “If Jesus Drove a Motorhome” from the album Drill a Hole in that Substrate and Tell Me What You See.

And close with a live version of 16 Horsepower’s “Haw.”

Best Music of 2008

Best Music of 2008

There sure were a lot of great albums released in 2008.  Several of my favorite artist put out some of their best music ever, and they are the ones at the top of this list of the top 25 albums of 2008: 

  1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
  2. Alejandro EscovedoReal Animal
  3. Jim WhiteTransnormal Skiperoo
  4. The Duke SpiritNeptune
  5. DevotchkaA Mad and Faithful Telling
  6. Sons and DaughtersThis Gift
  7. Slim Cessna’s Auto ClubCipher
  8. Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes
  9. Paul Weller22 Dreams
  10. Tricky Knowle West Boy
  11. Saul Williams – The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust
  12. Jakob Dylan – Seeing Things
  13. The Moondoggies – Don’t be a Stranger
  14. Kathleen Edwards – Asking for Flowers
  15. The Kills – Midnight Boom
  16. The Black Keys – Attack and Release
  17. Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue
  18. Mudhoney – The Lucky Ones
  19. Wussy – Left for Dead
  20. The Pretenders – Break up the Concrete
  21. The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band –The Whole Fam Damnily
  22. R.E.M. – Accelerate
  23. Flogging Molly – Float
  24. Hank III – Damn Right Rebel Proud
  25. Dandy Warhols – Earth to the Dandy Warhols

I’ve surfed around and looked at lists put out by Mojo Magazine, Uncut Magazine, Paste Magazine, and NPR.  What I found is that people seem to prefer softer, soulful sounds this year.  My list has a lot of entries that buck that trend.  That’s probably because this year, for me anyway, was an intensely nerve racking year.  During the very long primary season and general election, I found myself mostly listening to music that matched my high level of nervous agitation throughout the whole process. 

Anyway, there are a few polls out there where you can still cast your votes for best albums of 2008.  I’d start with the KEXP Top 90.3 poll because it closes tomorrow.

And Mojo Magazine

If I find any more open polls, I will add them.

“Jailbird” – Jim White

“Jailbird” – Jim White

I’m leaving the heavy lifting to Mr. Barnes and the Old Viking this weekend because my mind is not functioning very well.  Drank some whisky before the Springsteen show last night, and going to see Jim White tonight.

The previous two posts are pretty heavy, so give yourself a little break and watch this Jim White video.

Happy Thanksgiving from Johnny Dowd

Happy Thanksgiving from Johnny Dowd

Thank you Lord
Oh thank you for the hurricane
I see your boundless love
In the faces etched with pain

Thank you Lord
Oh thank you for the memories of the ark
You are the shining light we see
When we’re drowning in the dark

Thank you Lord for Jesus
And the rope from which he hung
And thank you for the cross
Upon which they nailed your son

Thank you thank you for our leaders
With their blind and stupid eyes
Your mysterious wisdom
Is embedded in their lies

Thank you for the rich man
Who gets richer by the hour
For the professor of higher learning
Hidden in his ivory tower

Thank you for the earthquake
For the fire and devastation
And the suffering that results
From your inscrutable equation

And thank you Lord oh thank you
Your mercy falls like rain
That destroyed the mighty levy
That held back Lake Pontchartrain

So thank you for Katrina
And the mighty towers that fall
Thank you oh thank you
We thank you one and all

Lyrics from “Thank You Lord” from the Hellwood album, Chainsaw of Life.

Hellwood is Johnny Dowd, Jim White, and Willie B.  The three of them recorded the album in 2006 in a cabin in central New York.  The album hasn’t been released in the United States, and apparently won’t be any time soon, but you can buy it from second sellers at Amazon or from Johnny Dowd’s website.

If you are fan of Johnny, Jim, and Willie, you better go buy the cd while you can.

Oh, and for another fine Thanksgiving prayer, go here to read William Burroughs.