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Watch Donald Trump jack off his ego on television in this interview with David Muir

Watch Donald Trump jack off his ego on television in this interview with David Muir

President Donald Trump gave his first major television interview since taking office and used the opportunity to jack off his ego. You can watch it in full and read the transcript on the ABC News website. Listen carefully to the first 28 seconds. You will hear him say “I Can Be the Most Presidential Person Ever other than possibly the great Abe Lincoln” which for some reason is not included in the transcript. And from there it just gets more and more self indulgent.

Here’s the YouTube video (no telling how long ABC will allow it to be shared).

Most grown ups would have moved on from comparing crowd sizes at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration to the size of the crowd at his own inauguration, but not The Donald. He spoke about it at the CIA on Saturday, he tweeted about it, and he spoke about it ad nauseam again last night. Here are a few excerpts:

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Michael Moore goes for Wolf’s Jugular on CNN

Michael Moore goes for Wolf’s Jugular on CNN

Michael Moore goes on CNN to discuss his new movie Sicko. In the video below, CNN attempts to marginalize him with a lead in story by Sanjay Gupta.

Michael Moore takes the bait, but quickly changes tactics and instead uses his time to corner Wolf on Wolf & CNN’s ongoing support of the war in Iraq and demands a public apology for the lies leading up to the war.

I love it.

Michael Moore sets the CNN record straight by backing up his facts on his website:

CNN: “Moore asserts that the American health care system spends $7,000 per person on health. Cuba spends $25 dollars per person. Not true. But not too far off. The United States spends $6,096 per person, versus $229 per person in Cuba.”


According to our own government – the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Health Expenditures Projections – the United States will spend $7,092 per capita on health in 2006 and $7,498 in 2007. (Department of Health and Human Services Center for Medicare and Medicaid Expenditures, National Health Expenditures Projections 2006-2016.
As for Cuba – Dr. Gupta and CNN need to watch ‘SiCKO’ first before commenting on it. ‘SiCKO’ says Cuba spends $251 per person on health care, not $25, as Gupta reports. And the BBC reports that Cuba’s per capita health expenditure is… $251! (Keeping Cuba Healthy, BBC, Aug. 1 2006. )
As Gupta points out, the World Health Organization does calculate Cuba’s per capita health expenditure at $229 per person – a lot closer to $251 than $25.

The interview ends with Wolf talking to Lou Dobbs who says Michael Moore “is more of a left wing promoter than Hugo Chavez”.

I’d take that as a HUGE compliment. Thanks Lou. You dick.

UPDATE 07/10/07:

Set your Tivo.

This just in from

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Today, Michael Moore will be on CNN again for Part Two with Wolf Blitzer, (Did you see Part One? And our response?), a new appearance on Larry King Live with Dr. Sanjay Gupta (appearing, we assume, to apologize for his factual errors), and a rerun of Mike’s appearance on Jon Stewart from 13 days ago.

Those of us who maintain Michael’s website have started a truth squad. Watch for our daily reports on how the media lies, distorts and carries the water for Big Pharma and Big Insurance.

We’ll leave you with this analysis of how the mainstream media deals with Michael Moore.

The Sopranos Final Minute

The Sopranos Final Minute

While I was never a fan of the show (only watched maybe 1.2 episodes which were sufficiently violent and hateful to turn my stomach), I appreciate the fact that it was well loved by so many people. Plus the fact that it has been in the news non stop for a week has compelled me to become interested.

Not really in watching the show, but understanding the horror and outrage following the series finale. As I read along, I kept hearing about the “cut to black” which brought on a nationwide, anguished scream. But, like they didn’t want to spoil it for people who hadn’t seen it, nobody was describing the “cut to black” scene sufficiently.

Until I read this (over at, so if I’m spoiling it for you, blame them)

“In the feverishly anticipated finale to the HBO series, considered by many to be the best television show ever made, the screen suddenly faded to black as Tony and his wife and children gathered in a diner for supper surrounded by a series of shady characters who seemed ready at any moment to unveil their semi-automatics and blow the family away.”

And then, from my friend Julie:

“They are in the middle of a scene…Tony looks up as he hears the ring of the diner door as it opens again…CUT SCENE..all black. No more sound, no more picture…just black screen for like 20 seconds.

Then the credits silently start to roll.

Keep in mind the whole scene had been building up and building up like there was going to be some kind of major event…then cut.

They may as well just had a picture of a hand flipping off people.”

I am glad to not be a fan of the show because this allows me to appreciate the genius and artistry behind one of the funniest “fuck you!” to fans I have ever seen. And it’s not even a full on fuck you, it’s a “haha…look what I can do to you.”

Why We Watch the Daily Show

Why We Watch the Daily Show

I’m a college professor who usually despises TV, yet I’m addicted to the Daily Show. I’d love to cancel my cable subscription; I’m sure there’s a better way to spend $38.04 every month, but I have to have my nightly dose of Jon Stewart. I was a bit alarmed to learn that many young people rely on Stewart as a news source, but not at all surprised when researchers found that his viewers are better informed than those who watch CNN or Fox. It could be a matter of self-selection, better-informed people choosing to watch the “Daily Show” because it addresses itself to a better-informed audience, but I think there’s a different answer.

Jon Stewart wages a daily satyagraha, an on-going nonviolent struggle in which he clings to the truth, Gandhi-style, making us laugh as he gets us to think. As a result, Stewart, on his fake news show, often does a better job revealing what’s going on in the world than the real news media. That’s why so many young people turn to his show for their daily news, and that’s why I’m glued to the boob tube every night.

Think about the underlying truths hiding in what appear at first to be casually tossed off one-liners: “War-in many ways it’s the only remaining obstacle to peace.” Or (as a professor this one’s my personal favorite) on the Iraq Study Group report: “I’m glad they got a study group together, but the test was three years ago.” Sometimes the jokes are less subtle, but the truths no less profound, as when Stewart mockingly summarized Donald Rumsfeld’s proposal to cut off aid to Iraq for ‘bad behavior’: “You destroy a country’s infrastructure and this is the thanks you get! After all we’ve done to you!”

Read all of “Jon Stewart’s Gandhian Struggle” by Kelly Rae Kraemer here.

Comcast Motorola and Microsoft – a miserable combination

Comcast Motorola and Microsoft – a miserable combination

What happens when you combine Comcast cable services with hardware from Motorola and software provided by Microsoft?

You get the worst possible implementation of High Definition (HD) TV service available.

This has been bugging me for a long time but after reading John Battelle’s rant about Comcast’s crappy HD box, I felt that I must chime in with my own experiences.

For the most of 2005 I had the pleasure of having my HDTV service provided by the Dish Network. This service was great and I only canceled it when I moved to a new home prewired for Comcast. As it is a rental, I decided to go with Comcast cable rather than ask permission to have a dish installed. What a mistake.

Here is a quick guide chart to some of the main differences between Comcast and DishNetwork HDTV services.

Comcast HDDishNetwork HD
On Demand programming?YN
Recording of series works correctly?NY
Records 2 programs simultaneously?YY
Recording only “New” episodes correctly?NY
Intuitive Interface?NY
Show year information of program?NY
Recognizes previously recorded programs?NY
Responsive to input from remote?NY
Viewing of recorded program on 2nd TV?NY
Forward jump to skip commercials?NY
Allows recording of Pay Per View?NY

Some additional issues that I have related to the Comcast HD service with the Motorola box 6412 include that it randomly and frequently reboots, messing up recordings and generally annoying me. Also, the remote is often unresponsive, and then after about a minute, all of the buttons I previously pressed are executed. This is so very annoying. I have confirmed these problems with several friends and family.

Don’t take my word for it, just do a google search for comcast dvr sucks. 153,000 search results can’t be wrong.

I hope to change back to the Dish Network HD service soon…

Too Smart for the Job

Too Smart for the Job

No they're not running, but imagine how they'd liven up the debates.

Fox News reported yesterday that, “Comedy Central’s fake news stars have no intention of making a run for the White House.”  Oh really?  Did Fox ever really think they would make a run?  It’s news that they’re not running?

Jon Stewart said this about the shirt: 

Nothing says “I am ashamed of you my government” more than “Stewart/Colbert ’08.”

And ashamed we are.

Stewart had more to say about reports of people actually getting their news from The Daily Show

“There’s no way you could get the news from us,” he said. “I’ve seen the show. It couldn’t happen.”

Funny… That’s what Daily Show viewers say about Fox News.

Lost Season 3 Premiere

Lost Season 3 Premiere

Last night I watched the season premiere of Lost on my DVR.

I am glad that I recorded it because right away there was a scene where a cd was being put into the cd player and I thought to myself, ‘hey that’s the Talking Heads, cool’.  Only when the song started, it wasn’t.  So, I ‘jumped’ the video back and sure enough, there was a short clip of the inside of the jewel case and it was the Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues. I chalked it up to a lack of continuity, but Torleif over at p7389 thinks that it was due to the cds being put away in the wrong cases.  Funny how so much happened in this episode, but this small point is what I chose to write about…
Over at And Found, you will find a list of what the season premiere revealed.   This site is also a great source for reminding yourself what happened in previous episodes, as well as providing several ‘theories’ about what is going on.

Can’t wait to see how the season unfolds.