James Dean Day

James Dean Day

A couple days ago it was Bob Marley day.  Well now it’s James Dean Day.

Here’s some dialogue from Giant.

Leslie Benedict:  Money isn’t all, you know?
Jett Rink:  Not when you’ve got it.

And later on…

I'm a rich boy. 

Jett Rink:  My well came in, Bick.

Bick Benedict:  Fine.  That’s wonderful, Jett.

Jett:  Everybody thought I had a duster.  You all thought Spindletop and
Burkburnett was all the oil there was.

I’m here to tell you it ain’t, boy. It’s here.

There ain’t a dang thing you gonna do about it.

My well came in big, so big… And there’s more down there,
bigger wells.

I’m rich, Bick!  I’m a rich one.  I’m a rich boy.

I’m gonna have more money than you ever thought you could have.  You and the rest of you stinking sons of Benedicts.

James Dean, b. February 8, 1931

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  1. I think I met your sister (C.) on a flight from Minneapolis back to Seattle last Monday. Anyway she gave me this site to check out. Well done!


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