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So what’s covered now? Obamacare gutted by Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby?

So what’s covered now? Obamacare gutted by Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby?

Mormons: Cirrhosis of the liver – not covered.
Catholics: Unwed maternity – not covered.
Scientologists: Mental health – not covered.
Baptists: Ex-gay therapy – covered!
Shamans: Peyote – covered!
Christian Scientist: Nothing – covered.

Please feel free to add to the list.

Whose healthcare needs do we marginalize next? Which large organization gets to decide which religious beliefs suppress human progress? Which of your friends gets branded a dissenter because the company you both work for disagrees with the decisions they’ve come to with their doctor?

You’re fine because you fit just great with your employer’s religious beliefs. Your friend with a medical dilemma that pits them against even their own religious convictions, takes an option you’d never understand.

But you’d never know any of the details of this private medical issue if your friend hadn’t been blocked from receiving care due to a Supreme Court decision that your employer gets to know how you’re using your health care benefits.

Being conservative has its benefits

Being conservative has its benefits

I’m a huge nerd. I serve from my house using Mac OS X Server only because I love this technology. I love the pressure it creates for me to learn something I might otherwise not even be involved in.

The bloggers here might take umbrage. It’s been pretty smooth sailing, with the occasional sea-sickness, but nothing like this past week. So for me to have different goals from theirs – the spreading of democracy and the informing of the masses – I can see it being something I have to explain.

The site went down last week and, as has been the case before, I was sure that a reboot, or DNS change, or permissions issue, or unpaid bill was the root cause. But no such luck. Unfortunately, it turns out, my liberal policy of early adoption of new tech, ironically, is what took the site down.


I have an obligation to these guys to keep the site up. They don’t pay me, they don’t ask for 24/7 support, I’m a volunteer, and so are they. We’re a team of people who care about what we’re doing. That’s why this works.

Last week, however, I decided to upgrade to a developer preview of the software that is served with. It turned out to be a huge mistake because everything just stopped working and, due to it being pre-release software, only available to people who’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement, there’s no thread to help you figure out what you did wrong.

In this case, I should have been more conservative. I shouldn’t have risked something as important as this blog is to my friends to satisfy my curiosity about emerging technologies.

But, as I started writing this mea-culpa, I came across some interesting realizations. First, I think there’s a lot of intentional conflation between being conservative when it involves imposing your own interests on those to whom you have a social obligation and being conservative to preserve your own investment in the status quo. In fact, the former strikes me as quite liberal.

Second, being considerate of how your needs might impose upon others doesn’t strike me as liberal. This is probably the same point I was making previously, but holding back your need to impose your beliefs on others seems quite conservative!

More personally, being conservative in my adoption of new technology has never benefitted me in the jobs marketplace. I’ve been an early adopter all my life and it’s served me well. Both socially and technologically, I’ve benefitted from forward thinking and adaptation.

Where being conservative has benefitted me is where I held back my own passions to make consideration for others. When I’ve been unsure that the risks I’m willing to take won’t work to the detriment of those to whom I have obligations, holding back conservatively has always been the right choice.

In this case, I didn’t. I mistakenly let my trust in my own techno-lust override my judgment and screwed over some people to whom I have not only a professional, but also a personal and emotional obligation.

For that, I apologize.

Santa’s Bag of Goodies is Stuffed with Machine Guns

Santa’s Bag of Goodies is Stuffed with Machine Guns

Christmas Machine guns

Santa with shotgun

So much for satire.

Gun Club’s Santa Delivers Machine Guns, Year After Year

From Fox News in Phoenix:

The Scottsdale Gun Club is inviting people to enjoy Santa and Machine Guns.

The family event allows people to take a holiday card picture with St. Nick — and a high-powered fire arm.

Santa poses against a backdrop of an $80,000 Garwood minigun.

Families can choose to pose with other firearms, ranging from pistols to modified AR15s.

They also get a chance to test out the machine guns.

Dress your kids up like little Christmas Soldiers

So dress up the kids in camo and hurry on down to the Scottsdale Gun Club’s Family Christmas Photo Special to get the perfect family photo for your Christmas card, because nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like you and your family flanked by Santa and his machine guns.

Sitting on Santa's lap, pointing an assault rifle at your children's mother's head. CUTE!

Glenn Beck Brings Freak Show to Seattle Tomorrow

Glenn Beck Brings Freak Show to Seattle Tomorrow

This Staturday, the mayor of Mount Vernon is going to give Glenn Beck the key to the city.  If it was closer, I would go up there and let everyone in Mount Vernon know what I think of Glenn Beck…

From the AP:

Mount Vernon Mayor Bud Norris came up with the idea to honor Beck, proclaiming Sept. 26 as “Glenn Beck Day” as a way to honor his success as a nationally known broadcaster. The event at which Beck is scheduled to speak sold out.

But, I just found out that I don’t have to drive for over an hour to flip him off in person.  All that I need to do is go down to Safeco field.

From the Seattle PI:

The Emerald City is hosting a man who calls Barack Obama a “racist,” sees a back-to-school presidential speech as “indoctrinating” children and defends an obscure 18th Century constitutional provision that set in place the slave trade and capped taxes at $10 a slave.

While paying good money to see such a lunatic is hard to fathom, the Seattle PI continues:

Still, there are plenty of “wing nuts” to give Beck a warm welcome. The private reception-with photos ($500) is sold out as well as the private reception-without-photos ($250) and the on-field seats with lunch ($100).

I will most likely walk down there just to gawk at the folks that look to him as a hero (and laugh at them).

Man loses part of finger in healthcare debate

Man loses part of finger in healthcare debate

Last night a man in his 60’s punched a healthcare reform advocate in the nose and promptly had his finger bitten off.  The AP reports that “his treatment was covered by Medicare.”

The details according to

…a man on’s side of the street crossed over and shouted “Why don’t you like the public option?” Several of the counter-protesters said that they don’t want the government to run everything. The man got nose to nose with a short, gray-haired counter-protester, and sneered, “You’re an idiot.”

At that point, I’m told the victim either swung at or pushed his assailant’s face away with an open hand, and his finger entered his mouth. Update (3:09 PM PT): The victim, Bill Rice, admitted he threw the first two blows; his finger was bitten off on the second blow.

So, a person who “doesn’t want the government to run everything” gets his finger bit off and then uses a government insurance plan to pay for his medical bill?  WTF?

Sarah Palin’s Crazy Talk

Sarah Palin’s Crazy Talk

Speaking of the Lunatic Fringe, here’s a recent quote from the Queen Mother of the wingnuts, Former Governor (read “Quitter”) Sarah Palin:

“The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care.  Such a system is downright evil.”

Laura Harrison McBride wrote the following about Palin’s crazy talk:

    • An end-of-life decision is not the same thing as an “ending life” decision.  The former refers to a decision  made by an individual at the end of that individual’s life, and commonly includes such matters as which grandchild gets the gold-rimmed teacups and where one wants to be buried.
    • An “ending life” decision (death panel), on the other hand, would be a decision made about the individual by another party…a relative, a government, a jury of one’s peers and so on.

    It isn’t awfully surprising that Palin would mix up the meanings of these two terms.  She joins a long list of other ignorant conservatives who willfully and purposely misuse language to pull the wool over the eyes of others, most notably their own followers since the rest of humanity seems able to see through it.

That’s an excellent response, but I kind of like throwing Palin’s own words right back at her, like this quote from her resignation speech:

“So how about in honor of the American solider you quit making things up?”

Yes, why don’t you Sarah?  Don’t you know you are letting our soldiers down with your batshit crazy talk?

Michael Scheuer and Glenn Beck Wish for Bin Laden to Destroy America

Michael Scheuer and Glenn Beck Wish for Bin Laden to Destroy America

A frame from the June 16th edition of This Modern World:

Ha that’s funny!  Because like even though some crazy conservatives might actually think that, they wouldn’t actually say it out loud, would they?

Michael Scheuer on Glenn Beck’s show last night:


Scheuer: The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States. Because it’s going to take a grass-roots, bottom-up pressure. Because these politicians prize their office, prize the praise of the media and the Europeans. It’s an absurd situation again. Only Osama can execute an attack which will force Americans to demand that their government protect them effectively, consistently, and with as much violence as necessary.

Beck: Which is why, I was thinking this weekend, if I were him, that would be the last thing I would do right now.

Why do conservatives hate America so much? Why do they think it must be destroyed before they can save it?

For a whole lot more of Michael Scheuer’s batshit crazy analysis, read this column he wrote for the Washington Post that ends with:

…The Republicans do not have the votes to stop Obama, and the world will not be safer for America because the president abandons interrogations to please his party’s left wing and the European pacifists it so admires. Both are incorrigibly anti-American, oppose the use of force in America’s defense and — like Obama — naively believe that the West’s Islamist foes can be sweet-talked into a future alive with the sound of kumbaya.

So if the above worst-case scenario ever comes to pass, Americans will have at least two things from which to take solace, even after the loss of major cities and tens of thousands of countrymen. First, they will know that their president believes that those losses are a small price to pay for stopping interrogations and making foreign peoples like us more. And second, they will see Osama bin Laden’s shy smile turn into a calm and beautiful God-is-Great grin.

Michael Scheuer is an ex CIA man and he worked again as Special Advisor to the Chief of the bin Laden unit from September 2001 to November 2004.   He now works as a news analyst for CBS News.  I wonder how much longer he’ll have that job…

UPDATE:  Daily Show coverage of this story here.