Political Songs – The 2012 Election Selection

Political Songs – The 2012 Election Selection

There’s just a little under four weeks until Election Day and you need a playlist of political songs to listen to from now until you vote.

Here’s a collection of songs that were mostly recorded in the past three years with a few oldies thrown in to keep it real.

It starts off with an appropriately titled song that tells how God and religion became intertwined with politics, then a song about monarchies, a few songs about greedheads, then about how the common man gets shafted by them, and a song in the voice of hard working man who does what he can, but would like to shoot the bastards. Next up are a couple of songs about racism in American and then a couple about how the oppressed ought to rise up and fight. The set closes with an uplifting song about how our generation must change the rules so that everyone gets an oppourtunity when it comes to education, jobs, and making a decent living doing what they want to do.

So put these tracks together however you can, and enjoy. Oh, and song-title links take you to lyrics, and album-title links take you to records label sites or Amazon for information about buying the music.

In the Beginning – Todd Snider, from Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables (2012)

Early Roman Kings – Bob Dylan, from Tempest (2012)

The Jolly Banker – Woody Guthrie, from Woody at 100 (1940)

No Banker Left Behind – Ry Cooder, from Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (2011)

National Ransom – Elvis Costello, from National Ransom (2010)

Everything’s Raisin’ – Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, from The Wages (2010)

Tin Can Trust – Los Lobos, from Tin Can Trust

We Can’t Make it Here – Joan Baez, James McMurtry and Steve Earle, from Occupy This Album (2012)

Jack of All Trades – Bruce Springsteen, from Wrecking Ball (2012)

Talking at the Same Time – Tom Waits, from Bad as Me (2011)

I’m Dreaming of a White PresidentRandy Newman (2012, free mp3)

Cold Cold Feeling – Ry Cooder, from Election Special (2012)

Rising of the Ghetto – Ryan Bingham, from Tomorrowland (2012)

The Ghost of Tom Joad – Rage Against the Machine – from Renegades (2000)

Black Spartacus Heart Attack MachineTom Morello, from World Wide Rebel Songs (2011)

Come On Come On Come On – Jackson Browne, from Occupy This Album (2012)

Our Generation – John Legend and the Roots from Wake Up! (2010)

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