Joe Biden Victory Cocktail – The American 46

Joe Biden Victory Cocktail – The American 46

The results of all 50 states were called on November 7th, and the Electoral College count was Biden 306 and Trump 232, so everyone but Donald Trump and is henchmen have recognized that Joe Biden is now President Elect Joseph R. Biden and soon to be the 46th president of the USA. To celebrate this Democratic triumph, I have created a bright blue cocktail somewhat based on the famous French 75 cocktail and named it the American 46.


  • 1-1/2 oz gin – Use what you like or what you have, but I prefer Bluewater Halcyon gin or 3 Howls Navy Strength for extra buzz factor
  • 3/4 oz Drillaud Blue Curacao (it really is the best one you can get)
  • 3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 2 dashes Scrappy’s grapefruit bitters (made in Seattle)
  • 2 oz sparkling wine – American sparkling wine is probably best for this one, because AMERICA – Argyle from Oregon is a good choice, and Domaine Carneros from California or Domaine Ste. Michelle from Washington are great too. If champagne is all you have, go for it.


Combine the gin, blue curacao, lemon juice, and bitters in a shaker with five or six ice cubes. Shake for twenty seconds or so and then strain into a chilled champagne flute. Top it off with some good American sparkling wine, garnish with a lemon wedge and an American flag – and voilà!

The quantities of ingredients in this recipe are set for an 8 oz. champagne flute, so if you are using something bigger, adjust accordingly.

You’ve got some time to experiment with this one between now and inauguration day or the day that Trump finally concedes. I’m betting inauguration comes first, because Trump will never concede.

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