The Old Viking’s Recipe for Glögg

The Old Viking’s Recipe for Glögg

It’s December and it’s getting cold, so you need a hot, hearty beverage to heat youself up from the inside out.  I think a steaming cup of Glögg will do the trick.


Burgundy (I use Carl Rossi) 1.5 liters
Ruby Port (not Tawny port) .75 liters
Sugar (adjust to preference) 6 ounces
Raisins 1-2 ounces
Cloves 15
Cardamom seeds (peeled) 24
Almonds (Filberts okay) 24
Fresh ginger 3 pieces 1” x ½”
Cinnamon sticks 6 to 8
Dried Figs (optional, I use them) 4 to 6

.75 liters of akavit

(I make a lot. Adjust accordingly)
Also, use inexpensive wines because the spices change them)


Best prepared the day before serving. Heat slowly. I use a crock pot. Take one hour to bring to the simmer. Test every half hour after heating has begun and correct spices and sugar if necessary. ( I never have to change it.)

Strain out all spices and save for another batch (except don’t save raisins.)
When serving reheat slowly. When hot add akavit. You can flame it if you want at that point.

The day before soak some raisins and almonds in akavit. Leave until serving.
To serve: put 6 raisins and almonds in a cup and fill with Glögg. Serve with small spoon to dig out the raisins and almonds.

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