Adventures in Creative Revenue Generation in the Era of Covid

Adventures in Creative Revenue Generation in the Era of Covid

Today I was doing some very entrepreneurial stuff that included linking out to a service I just signed up for to help me figure out how to manage and invoice clients when working freelance gigs. When I grabbed the link from my dashboard, I noticed a big “Invite friends, get rewards” link and it occurred to me that I could maybe pay for my account if my link gets used.

So I signed up as an affiliate for You actually join a larger affiliate advertising network and FreshBooks approves you for linking from your site, so now I’m an affiliate marketer! I’ve never made money from ads on any website ever, so my hopes aren’t high that this will bring in any Covid relief for me and my family, but I had a little fun explaining to them why I want to advertise for them. It turned into more of a HariKari blog post than a note about my business plans…

Dear FreshBooks,

Please review the attached affiliate program application. Below is the requested description of my advertising strategy.

I just went through the process of establishing an LLC in my efforts to supplement my income during covid lockdown. I work in the travel industry as a web developer and I’m writing about my experience on my blog/company website, It’s a work in progress right now, but I will be recommending FreshBooks and walking through the processes of setting up clients, tracking time, and invoicing as I learn them. 

I’ll also be writing about other services that make turning yourself into business and how it can benefit anybody who finds themselves furloughed and in need of some temporary income that doesn’t require you to get a new job. Like in my case, I have a job that I love to go back to as soon as travel is an option again. 

Assuming that will actually happen, it would be irresponsible for me to go out and get another job, that I’m going to quit in 6 months, when there are permanently unemployed people out there who will benefit more from some good fortune right now than I will. So I can take this time to do something I’ve always been too cautious to do: start my own business and help other developers affected by global catastrophe with a step by step guide in real time.

I am planning on using the link to promote FreshBooks and earn $25 each time someone signs up for a paid account but I’m wondering if this will be more lucrative. I also own a political blog site that has a very minimal following but our outbound links seem to have some juice for some reason. Maybe just because it’s been around for so freaking long?

Other than organic traffic as I share the articles on LinkedIn ( and possibly advertising my business services at some point in the distant future if this works out well. 

Or if it all just gets worse and worse so that even if we still want to, we can never go back to working for someone else and meeting their goals and being their source of revenue instead of our own, I may rethink how dependent on this affiliate link I am and come up with a better strategy. Otherwise, I will not be using any other methods to advertise.

My main content sites that might have links over to my articles and might also have affiliate ads for FreshBooks, depending on how it goes, are:

Thank you and best regards,
Tony Johnston

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