YouTube: Something went wrong. Tap to retry.

YouTube: Something went wrong. Tap to retry.

YouTube videos won’t play on iPad!

For the past two weeks my kids have had trouble watching YouTube videos on their iPads. It works for a while, then they see a message after the video’s ads play saying, “YouTube: Something went wrong. Tap to retry.” This issue has been prompting YouTube iPad users to “Tap to retry” for years.

The only solution for making the YouTube app work on their iPads has been to completely reset their “Network Settings.” I’ve googled this issue 20 times, but haven’t seen a solution, so here’s what I did:

YouTube bloody you logo

SOLUTION: On iPad, Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Confirm and restart.

Once restarted, re-join your WiFi network. YouTube works again. Till the next time. Then you have to do this again.

I’ve done it ten times over the past 2 weeks and it has worked every time. Once it only lasted for 5 minutes, but then it stuck the next time. It strikes me as highly unlikely that these steps to enable the YouTube app on my iPad are anything more than a quick, band-aid fix. So if you happen to know what problem this is actually solving as compared to the overall results it achieves, please share!

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  1. The same thing is happening to me on my iPhone. It’s just started over the last couple of weeks so I have no idea what’s going on…

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