I signed up for ReachNow when my car died on the road

I signed up for ReachNow when my car died on the road


Tried ReachNow for the first time and it was awful. Had to call customer service just to figure out how to start the car. Spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to put it in “park” mode so that I could come right back to it while picking up my kids. At the grocery store on the way home I did what I thought was the same thing I figured out before, but found that the car had been reserved by someone else while I was in the store with my kids. Their backpacks were still in the car. Called customer service again and explained the situation, and suddenly the call ended before anything was done to help me out. When I called back I was on hold in a hot parking lot with kids and grocery bags for 5 minutes. They finally informed me where I would be able to find the car (I was sitting on the hood), but that it had been reserved by another customer. They unlocked it remotely, the kids got their stuff out, and we walked home. Of course, the terms of service I didn’t have time to read probably say that if I leave the car in a grocery store parking lot I’m liable for any fines or fees incurred. May have just been a bad first experience, but I’m going to wait for things to improve before going all in on $27/hour car rental. And the in-dash nav seems to be programmed to keep you in the car as long as possible. It was being clever, trying to route me around traffic, but sent me into a closed road once and a construction road another time where I had to  turn around and find my way out. It took me so long to just get back to 5th and Denny that I made the decision to just go straight to pick up the kids from school. The only way I could get the nav system to stop telling me that I was going the wrong way was to push a button that looked like a mouth with sound waves coming out of it and yell, “END NAVIGATION”.  Plus, have you driven a BMW recently? It’s like a thousand random drivers were polled about the one thing they can’t do without in a car dashboard, then implemented every single one of them. I had to send Ian in through the driver door to climb into the back seat to figure out how to unlock the other doors (turns out the controls are in the app, which takes a minimum of 30 seconds to communicate with the car – you assume it doesn’t work the first few times you try it). You can’t drive with the gear shift without looking down at it your first many times to find the “unlock” button that allows you to pull on the gearshift to switch from R to D, but P is a whole different button that works in a completely different way. I’m sure people who drive these cars every day get to a point where it’s second nature, but I had to look down every time I needed to use it.

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  1. lol. I just realized I never released this post from review. I wrote it two years ago and must have planned on returning later to make more sense of it, add some paragraph breaks.

    I ended up sending a version of this to their CEO when he emailed me a request for feedback. I hope my letter played a role in making them rethink their business plan. 🙂

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