NRA: Evolution from Avid Sportsmen to Paranoid Xenophobic Racists

NRA: Evolution from Avid Sportsmen to Paranoid Xenophobic Racists

As illustrated with magazine covers.

Here’s the NRA of 1969:

NRA 1969 Mags

Hunters and a marksman. Just men with their guns.

Here’s some covers from 1992 featuring a military leader and a caricature of Bill Clinton.

NRA 1992 Mags

Clearly starting to get a little political.

And here we have the issue that came out right before the 2012 presidential election.

NRA Paranoid Xenophobe cover sm

No gun at all on the cover, and it’s purely a political appeal to the small group of gun nuts who think the government is just one step away from confiscating their precious firearms.

And now the April 2013 cover.

NRA Obama HatersI think this one was aimed at the most ignorant fools in their target market that didn’t quite git that President Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Muslim Kenyan Socialist and a LIAR! And he’s comin’ to git yer GUNS! So hop in yer truck right NOW and go buy yerself some more military assault rifles (you know how to turn ’em into full auto don’t ya?) and high-capacity magazines so ya can pretect yerself from his secret army of Kevlar-wearin’ Brady Bunch guvmint gun grabbers . And by golly, make sure them bullits ya load in yer mags are of the armor-piercin’ type.

HE’S COMIN’ TO GIT YER GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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