Patti Smith Tickets

Patti Smith Tickets

I was on Craig’s List and noticed that there were 11 listings for people who are desperate for tickets here are some highlights from some of the listings:

-It’s my husbands birthday and he is a HUGE Patti Smith fan. Will pay $50 a piece.

-I’ll pay handsomely for 1 or 2 tickets for the show on the 11th

-I know there’s an extra one out there for me…I will spend whatever it takes!

This one is a little scary…

20’s grad student and huge Patti fan is desperate for one ticket. Will pay face value, plus perform personal favors for seller: back rub, foot massage, personal service, you name it! Please email or call ***-***-****

It just so happens that I find myself with 4 extra tickets. As my desires are driven more by money than the ‘personal favors’ of strangers, I have decided to post my own ad. Clickhere to see my listing. It is for 4 tickets for $400. I know it is a lot of money, but there were only 250 tickets available and it is sold out.

So far, I have received one offer to purchase a single ticket for $50.

And then this afternoon, this email came to me.

From: h******
Subject: For Sale: Patti Smith (4 Tickets) – $400
Date: November 9, 2005 12:38:56 PM PST
To: [email protected]

Jerk, scalping Patti tickets, what an ananthema of everything Patti is

Hmmm. A Navy guy telling me about what Patti Smith is all about.

I should have just ignored this, but I couldn’t. So, here was my response:

From: [email protected]
Subject: Re: For Sale: Patti Smith (4 Tickets) – $400
Date: November 9, 2005 1:20:14 PM PST
To: h******

Mr. H*****-

I am sorry you feel that way.

I am not a ticket scalper, but instead found myself with extra tickets. As there appears to be a shortage of tickets, the inherent value of the tickets has increased.

I have been to several Patti Smith concerts and she likes to speak her mind in between songs. I have never heard her complain about an individual making a profit from selling an item for more than it cost to acquire.

But I have heard her mention more than once her opinion of war, the U.S. involvement in killing innocent people in the Middle East, and the military in general. So I do believe you may have a misunderstanding as to what Patti Smith is all about.

Good day to you.


PS- If you already have a ticket, I hope you enjoy the show. It will be awesome.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, he replied with:

Blah Blah blah, I spent 3 hours getting to the Crocodile cafe, to be told they had sold out just earlier. And now we see people who just “happen” to have tickets availabe for 4 time face value. Innocent as Bush.

I can now understand his frustration. On top of it all, I will probably be selling these at face value to some friends.

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