Capsula at KEXP Barbecue August 6, 2011

Capsula at KEXP Barbecue August 6, 2011

Capsula flew in from Bilbao, Spain to play an hour-long set at the annual KEXP Barbecue on Saturday, August 6, 2011. 

Capsula’s members are: Martin Guevara: guitar/vox/effects, Coni Duchess: bass/vox, and Ignacio Villarejo: drums/percussions. 

Their name is the Spanish word for capsule, and they took their name from David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity.” Their website describes them this way: “They love guitars, fuzz, distortion. They sound like mars, dreaming hawaii, a karate fight, flower crowns, vulcano, caramel, gigant waves, turtles in chile, kitten ears. They want to touch your lives and kiss your bones.”

Here are thumbnails of photos from their performance.  Click on them for higher resolution photos.

Their driver was at the merch booth after the show selling their new cd, In the Land of Silver Souls, for the bargain price of $10.  I haven’t seen it in any of our local record stores, but it is sometimes available from Amazon.   Tulip Frenzy has a very good review of the album here.

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