Capsula at SXSW and they Have a New Album

Capsula at SXSW and they Have a New Album

If you are in Austin, Texas tonight as I write this and you are lucky enough to find a way into the Red Eyed Fly, then you are watching Capsula live, and I am not.  (I am watching the Washington Huskies play the Georgia Bulldogs in the NCAA Tournament).

I’ve posted about Capsula before, and I picked their 2009 album Rising Mountains as the best album of 2009.  They have a new album out called In the Land of Silver Souls that is available on CD in Europe, but not yet in the U.S.  You pod people can buy it on iTunes though.

It’s halftime now and I have a few minutes, so what I am going to do is watch Capsula live from last year’s SXSW on my Macbook.  Go ahead, join me…

They really are the best punk band in the world today.

If you want to know more about their new album, I highly recommend that you visit Tulip Frenzy and read all about it.  I have added Tulip Frenzy to the blogroll, because after reading a few pages, I can tell that the author and I like a whole lot of the same music, and he is a much better music writer than I am.

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