Friday Night Videos – Les Paul, Santana, Graham Central Station

Friday Night Videos – Les Paul, Santana, Graham Central Station

Les Paul, the inventor of the electric guitar died at the age of 94 this week.  To all you aspiring rock ‘n roll guitar players out there, watch and learn:

This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, so you’ve got to watch at least one Woodstock video.  Today’s Seattle Times has a feature article about Michael Shreive, the drummer for Santana who was nineteen years old when he played at Woodstock:

Santana was the fifth band to perform that Saturday, Aug. 16, 1969, the second day of the festival. It was relatively unknown outside of the Bay Area.

The band played “Soul Sacrifice,” and movie cameras were rolling so a documentary could be made about the festival. Shrieve, who looked even younger than his actual age, was a marvel, passion and joy written on his face. About three minutes into the nine-minute performance, the drummer set off into a long solo that would become part of rock- music history.

To all you drummers out there wishing to revive the three-minute drum solo, watch and learn!

Let’s see now… we have a guitarist… a drummer…. what would we need to finish this set?  Oh yeah, a bass player!  Who better than the the originator of slap-style bass guitar playing, Mr. Larry Graham?  He’s probably best known for being in Sly and the Family Stone, but here he is fronting Graham Central Station singing “POW.”  Wanna know how to play slap bass?  Watch and learn!

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