Nick Cave Fresh Air Interview

Nick Cave Fresh Air Interview

Hello readers.  You may have gathered from my posts this week that this week has been officially declared Nick Cave week.  So in keeping with this theme, I am here to tell you that Nick Cave is on Fresh Air today, and that you better tune in to your local NPR station and listen. 

There’s a political debate going on tonight too, and I am going to guess that NPR’s coverage of the debate will preempt its broadcast of Fresh Air on the West Coast.  But have no fear; you can listen to it at your leisure on their website.

I would now like to apologize for my lack of coverage of all the political stuff that went down this week:  McCain “suspending” his campaign, how Letterman ripped him a new one for not showing up, Palin’s incredibly horrendous showing in her interview by Katie Couric, how McCain’s campaign said they should move tonight’s debate to next Thursday (happens to be the night scheduled for the VP debate, (McCain trying to buy time for his woeful running mate?  You decide!), and how the debate will go on as scheduled tonight (that will give something to blab about tomorrow.) 

But since since it’s  Nick Cave week and I stayed up way late Tuesday and Wednesday and got up way early anyway (that job thing…) on Wednesday and Thursday, I’ve had mush-brain for a couple days.  So for the in-depth coverage of all these things that are, without a doubt, blogworthy, there are plenty of other blogs you can visit.  (see sidebar)

Now back to my earworms

“Dig yourself Lazarus, Dig yourself Lazarus, Dig yourself Lazarus, Dig yourself Lazarus.  I want you to DIG!”

Followed by…

“You aren’t supposed to wanna do that… You know you’re not allowed to…That’s the kind of stuff that boys are made out of.  That’s the kind of stuff that girls are made out of.  (you know that) BAD BOYEEEEEEEZ GET SPANKED! “

I know… different songs… different performers.  But that’s how earworms work.  One wormhole leads to another.  “You know that!”

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