RAW POWER! on the roof of the Pike Place Market

RAW POWER! on the roof of the Pike Place Market

Raw Power

Seattle super group RAW POWER. From left to right that’s Duff McKagan on bass, Mark Arm singing, Barrett Martin on drums, and Mike McCready on guitar. They played a forty-five minute set of Iggy and the Stooges covers at this KEXP/Market Foundation fund-raising event.

Here’s the set list.

Little Doll

T.V. Eye

I Gotta Right

Need Somebody

Down on the Street

Search and Destroy


And here’s a Rolling Stone Magazine review of the show:

The coup was bringing Arm in to play the Iggy Pop role. Possessing one of the best voices in rock, and stage presence to burn, he would have been the obvious choice regardless of his status as hometown icon. Crucially, he was smart enough not to mimic Pop’s wild-card stage antics. Instead, he bent and bowed his body, and saved his energy to belt each tune with a perfect mixture of snotty disregard and growling disgust. He had a little fun in the frontman role too, introducing his bandmates by referencing their pre-fame bands, like McKagan’s punk days as a member of the Fartz and the Fastbacks, and McCready’s pre–Pearl Jam band Warrior.

And here’s a YouTube video.

And Charles Peterson photos here.

And for those of you wondering why the sky is white in Seattle on sunny, summer evening (The Bluest Skies are in Seattle), it’s  because of all the huge forest fires in the Okanagan Valley east of the mountains. The winds blew the smoke into the Puget Sound for the whole weekend. Our skies looked East Coast white. Pretty weird…

(Updated August 26th with Rolling Stone review, video, Peterson photos link, and comment about the white sky).

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