Some More of the Best Music of 2020 so Far

Some More of the Best Music of 2020 so Far

It’s been a month since I put up any new music, and I’ve discovered several albums that are worth adding to the list. Let’s start with Nick Cave’s cover of “Cosmic Dancer” by T. Rex from the upcoming all-star tribute album titled, AngelHeaded Hipster set to be released on September 4, 2020. It will be a double album with 26 tracks featuring U2, Elton John, Joan Jett, Perry Farrell, Sean Lennon, Lucinda Williams, and more!

X had planned on touring to promote their new album, Alphabetland and then the coronavirus pandemic started, so no 40th anniversary tour for now. Hopefully they can reschedule it after the pandemic subsides so we can see the original lineup perform the new songs on this album mixed in with their hits dating back to 1980. Here’s one of the new songs. The album was released on streaming services last month. The physical albums will be available August 21st.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit released the new Album, Reunions, this month. There was an early release on May 8th for independent record stores followed by a full release on May 15th. This album has garnered a lot of attention because of the stories of struggles Jason went through as he wrote the songs, including the one about drinking a shot of Listerine. If you want to learn more, watch his interview by Trevor Noah on The Daily Social Distancing Show.

I had never heard of Jaime Wyatt until Greg Vandy played “Neon Cross” on The Roadhouse about a month ago. I really liked the song, so I did a little searching and found out it’s a song from her sophomore album of the same name produced by Shooter Jennings that will be released on May 29th. Jaimie says:

Neon Cross is a collection of my most vulnerable lyrics and vocal performances to date. My friend Shooter, our manager and most of the band had literally witnessed me as a walking disaster when I was grieving death, divorce, and trying to come out of the closet, while heavily self-medicating and nearly self-destructing with drugs and alcohol.

The album I’ve been listening to the most lately is Lucinda Williams’ Good Souls Better Angels. It’s a very bluesy country album with great guitar work by Stuart Mathis. The opening track is a cover of Memphis Minnie’s 1937 song, “You Can’t Rule Me”. It rocks.

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