Vote for the Best Music of 2010

Vote for the Best Music of 2010

Now that you’ve read my list of best music of 2010, you are probably thinking of your own favorites.  If you want to vote for your favorites, well you can’t do that here, because we suck at polls.  But, you can go to several other places.

Start with KEXP.  You can vote for your top five.  Before voting, you might want to check out the DJ favorites.  I did, and I was puzzled by one list in particular.  Don Slack hosts the “Swingin’ Doors” shows on Thursday nights.  He plays mostly old and new country music (the good kind of country music) so I was very surprised to see the number-one pick on his top -ten list was Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  Really?  Kanye?  Don, if you read this post, please explain.  Anyway, go to the KEXP site and cast your votes.

NPR also has a poll, and you can pick ten favorites for their poll.

No Depression has a poll too, and you can pick TWENTY.  That’s a lot.  Go and vote for ALL your favorites.

You can vote in several categories like best album, artist, reissue, etc. in the annual MOJO Magazine Reader’s Poll.

Spin Magazine has a similar poll on its website.

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