Why it’s good luck to wear your underwear inside out

Why it’s good luck to wear your underwear inside out

The cool thing is that when you wear your underwear inside out…

Now you get to wear that pair twice. Here’s why you won’t go to hell for it.

1st time you wear them, and they’re inside out:

knickers, panties, underwear
Undies, panties, underwear, pants, knickers, underpants

Say you get in an accident and someone notices you have your panties on inside out. You’re dying and the priest who’s giving you last rights asks you to confess all your sins. Toward the end of your list, he looks at you and says, “and, my dear, you’ve worn those panties two days in a row. All you did was turn them inside out so you could get away with it.” You can honestly say “no, it was dark. I, I, sputter, I wear my panties inside out for good luck…arrrrr*cough*gasp.” You’re not lying, therefore you won’t go to hell.

2nd time you wear them (obviously the first scenario didn’t happen if this case ever comes):

You get into an accident and they strip you down to put a tourniquet on your gushing femoral. They don’t even notice the dirty undies since they’re soaked in blood and whatever else might be coming out of you at the moment. And since they’re right side out, there’s really no question as to their cleanliness. Last rights are administered and before your last gasping breath, you say “I wore my panties twice.” No hell for you. Plus, he’s obligated by god and the government to never tell your mom.

If you survive the day…

If you get luckier than simply not ending up in hell, there is a strong possibility that those dirty underwear have accumulated a significant deposit of personal body odors from various sources. A non-insignificant portion of the population have a pleasant, possibly arousing, reaction to their own stench. In fact, there is evidence that our brain chemistry changes a little when we’re aroused and things we find absolutely disgusting when we are in our right mind get a pass when we’re horny. So, lucky you! Those stinky, dirty, crusty and stiff panties you’ve been excusing yourself for because “it’s lucky to wear your underwear inside out!” might actually give you a libidinal boost as you’re getting undressed for bed.

A quickie with your own hand is a perfect way to end the day. Sleep tight.

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