Bush Does Nothing

Bush Does Nothing

The Supreme Court ruled this week that the EPA could not sidestep its authority to regulate CO2 emissions unless it could prove there is no scientific basis to do so. 

Scientists around the world overwhelmingly agree that man’s burning of fossil fuels has greatly contributed to the level of CO2 in our atmosphere, and that the added levels of this heat trapping gas is a major cause of global warming.

Remember way back when Bush wasn’t the president?  Back in September 2000 he was just running for president and, during his campaign, he pledged to “establish mandatory reduction targets for emissions of four main pollutants: sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury and carbon dioxide.”

Well he flip-flopped on that promise just a few months into his first term when decided against ratifying the Kyoto Protocol agreement.  The nations that were on board were none to happy with Bush’s change of policy, especially after Christine Todd Whitman had just met with many European leaders and assured them that the Bush Administration was serious about limiting the emissions of greenhouse gasses.

169 countries went ahead and ratified the treaty in spite of Bush’s refusal to sign on the nation that emits the largest quantity of greenhouse gases.

So what did Bush have to say today?

“Whatever we do,” he said, “must be in concert with what happens internationally.” He added, “Unless there is an accord with China, China will produce greenhouse gases that will offset anything we do in a brief period of time.”

So since China might not do anything, then we’ll do nothing?  Gee… that’s a great strategy.  If the other biggest polluter in the world won’t be good, then we won’ either.  If every nation followed our petulant president’s lead, nobody would do anything, and we’d all live happily ever after on the shores of Kansas.

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