Krugman Coins my New Favorite Word: Ignoramitocracy

Krugman Coins my New Favorite Word: Ignoramitocracy

In a post about how the Republicans exist to oppose all Democratic policies and all Obama’s highly qualified agency appointments, Paul Krugman has come up with a word that describes perfectly the Republicans ideal form of government:  Ignoramitocracy.

Part of what’s going on here is simply opposition for the sake of opposition. But as Pollack says, the underlying problem is that anyone with actual expertise and any kind of public profile — in short, anyone who is actually qualified to hold a position — is bound to have said something, somewhere that can be taken out of context to make him or her sound like Pol Pot. Berwick has spoken in favor of evaluating medical effectiveness and has had kind words for the British National Health Service, so he wants to kill grandma and Sovietize America.

So what lies down this road? A world in which key positions can only be filled by complete hacks, preferably interns from the Heritage Foundation with no relevant experience but unquestioned loyalty.

And there you have it.  Anyone who actually has the education, skills, and moxie to take on a demanding government job can’t have the job, because simply knowing what should be done might destroy the whole charade that  Republicans put in place during the Bush years:  Idiot puppets controlled by idiot masters on behalf of their moneyed masters.

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