A Question for all the Donald Trump Supporters

A Question for all the Donald Trump Supporters

A Question for all the Donald Trump supporters who continue to baffle me with their unwavering support for a politician who is clearly at odds with their own personal values and moral codes.

So what if one day between now and November 8th Donald Trump actually acted out all of his narcissistic, bullying, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, war-crimes rhetoric and did this:

He exits Trump tower and takes a limo to the VA Hall and walks in on a former-prisoners-of-war meeting and shouts “You all are not war heroes, you’re all LOSERS!”, and then he slips into a PTSD meeting and shouts “You’re all WEAK!”, and he walks to a Women’s restroom, cracks the door open and yells “What are you doing in there? It’s DISGUSTING!”

Then he goes back to his limo and slips a semiautomatic pistol into his shoulder holster (courtesy of Wayne LaPierre in the back seat), dons a white sheet and hood (handed to him by David Duke who also happens to be in the back seat) and runs down the streets of NYC yelling racial epitaphs at brown-skinned people and snatches purses from women after fat-shaming them;

Then he pauses for a minute to ogle a beautiful young woman on the street (must be about 34 years younger… is that Ivanka?) and asks random men walking by if they’d like to sleep with her, and then he just happens to run into Melania exiting Oscar De La Renta and announces to her and everyone within earshot that he just met a new girlfriend and is divorcing her;

Then he pulls his pistol from under his sheet and shoots a few Middle-Eastern looking people he “thinks are Muslims” who must be terrorists, and then he shoots their kids too because he can’t take any chances on them growing up to be terrorists;

Finally he sheds his KKK costume (which came in handy for protecting his clothing and face from blood spatter) checks his hair in a reflecting storefront window, and walks to his favorite spray-tan salon to get made up for his next big rally.

Would you still vote for him?


I ask because he’s pretty much done every one of those things except shoot people. But if he were to be elected, he says that as Commander and Chief he would not only single out Muslims and root out the terrorists among them – he would kill their families too! So believe me, that last one isn’t too far fetched – that’s what I hear people are saying anyway.

So are you okay with him up until the point of the fictional shootings? Like I said before, there’s nothing new here except for the killing. I just need you to draw me a line, because Republican leaders have yet to do so. They keep saying, “He’s fine!” and expect you to believe it.

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