Washington State’s Regressive Tax System

Washington State’s Regressive Tax System

Washington State has the most regressive tax system of all 50 states.

This is a bar chart from a report issued by the Institution on Taxation & Economic Policy titled “A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Distribution in all 50 States.” (via The Stranger)Washington State Tax by income group

Washington State has had a Democratic governor for the past 20 years and Democrats currently hold majorities in both houses of congress, although a couple of turncoats in the senate have basically given the Republicans a 25-24 majority.

We like to think we are a progressive state, and we are when it comes to marijuana laws and gay marriage. But when it comes to collecting taxes from the wealthiest people in our state, we are extremely regressive.

Our state is home to many software and high tech industries that pay thousands of people millions of dollars. They ought to be paying back in much more than they are, and they could have been if our state had passed the income-tax bill that was on the 2010 ballot. If the state was collecting more from the top 3%, we could afford more teachers who would educate many of their future employees, and we could afford to spend more on our infrastructure that provides them with a great place to make their millions.

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