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Trump Fucker Cocktail Recipe

Trump Fucker Cocktail Recipe

What should you drink during the six months between now and Election Day? I think you should try my tasty new cocktail recipe that allows you to vent your frustrations with Donald Trump while you make it, laugh while you sip it and savor the complex, somewhat bittersweet orange-spice flavors that result from the perfect harmony of ingredients and the cathartic process of preparing it.

Everything you need for a Trump Fucker cocktail.


  • ¾ oz vodka
  • ¾ oz Ferrand Dry Curaçao (this is important – do not substitute – and it’s also great in a Mai-Tai)
  • ½ oz dark rum (Pyrat, Cayman Reef Barbados, and Kōloa Gold are good choices for dark rum. Bacardi would probably be good too)
  • ½ oz Campari
  • juice of 1/2 lime
  • juice of one whole small mandarin orange
  • 3 dashes of orange bitters


Pour all the ingredients in a shaker about one-third full of ice cubes. Pick up the shaker and raise it to eye level. Imagine that it’s Donald Trump’s head and then shake it violently. Feel free to scream as you continue to shake it mercilessly until your hands are so cold they hurt.

Pour the drink into a old fashioned glass or rocks glass (or even an absinthe glass) with ice – preferably one large ice cube but, in a pinch, a few normal size cubes will do. The color of the drink should match the orangey hue of Donald’s spray tan.

Garnish with one or two lychee fruits and, for optimum presentation, place a blueberry in the opening of the each lychee. If you make it right, it looks like this.

A perfect Trump spray-tan color with white eye sockets.
“That fucking cocktail is such a pretty color. Reminds me of someone… Oh, right. Me! My beautiful self! So wonderful, so unbelievably wonderful looking… too bad I don’t drink, but you go right ahead and drink that beautiful cocktail. I heard it ends with a perfect, so perfect bitter aftertaste. Why is that? I wonder…” – Donald Trump

Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, born November 8, 1847

Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, born November 8, 1847


Bram Stoker was born in the town of Clontarf, Ireland just north of Dublin on November 8, 1847. He moved to London and managed the Lyceum Theatre for 27 years as he wrote several short stories and novels including Dracula, his most famous work.

I watched Francis Ford Coppola’s interpretation of the novel, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, last weekend. I hadn’t seen it since shortly after it was released in 1992. I thought it was an excellent adaptation of the novel and was a visually stunning work of cinema.

Gary Oldman plays Count Dracula, a shape-shifting vampire whose appearance ranges from dapper young Londoner to a ghastly looking, hairy werewolf/bat creature with an insatiable lust for blood. Here he is as the pale, creepy, old, castle-dwelling count.

Dracula - Oldman weird sm

The other character that stands out is the lunatic lawyer R.M. Renfield played by Tom Waits. He eats bugs, spiders, and birds and worships his Lord Dracula.

Dracula_Renfield Waits sm

So in honor of Bram Stoker, read Dracula, watch the film versions of it, and while your doing that, mix yourself a cocktail.

There is a cocktail named after Bram Stoker that is basically peppered vodka, tabasco sauce, and sprinkles of ground pepper. That doesn’t sound very good to me, and wouldn’t taste anything like blood. You can try it, or you can try your own hand at mixing up something dark red, a little sticky, and tastes like iron and copper with just a touch of salt. Maybe some metallic tasting vodka, a little grenadine for color, a pinch of salt, and a pearl onion garnish.

ELECTROBAMA presents: NYE 2009 at the SPITFIRE

ELECTROBAMA presents: NYE 2009 at the SPITFIRE

This New Year’s Eve I am throwing a huge party at the Spitfire in Seattle.  It’s gonna be a blast.

From my New Year’s Eve Party Website:

A fabulously inexpensive evening

Change is coming, but not soon enough to help out with your New Year´s Eve party plans.  Don´t worry, Re−Session is here. The folks who brought you Electrobama 2008 at the Spitfire are teaming up with the Spitfire again to throw the most value packed New Year´s Eve Party in Seattle.

While some parties are charging admission in excess of $100, we are here to provide some well−deserved relief.

Our affordable $25 door won´t break the bank, the $5 well drinks will quench your thirst, and the complimentary party favors are, well, priceless. For those with a slightly larger budget, we have $50 VIP tickets available. You´ll get access to the Ciroc Sponsored VIP section with an exclusive bar, no wait entry and a deluxe party favor package.

Join us beginning at 6pm. Enjoy some great food until 10pm. We will be featuring a $30 Don Julio Tequila Flight with food pairing, Ciroc specialty cocktails and a selection of affordable champagne to ring in the new year.


  • $25.00 Advance Door (General admission with basic party favor package)
  • $50.00 Advance VIP (Ciroc VIP Lounge, Priority Entry, deluxe party favor package)
  • VIP couch reservations available


  • DJ johnny Fever, DJ Keith Chambers, and DJ John Lee − Playing house music in the front
  • DJ Gene Lee and DJ Marty Mar − Rockin’ Top 40 and 80’s mash up’s in the back